Today we are talking with Noah Goldhirsh about all things mental health, alternative medicine and Native American Traditions. Noah is fascinating and has written three extremely interesting books that look at the ways in which animals, flower remedies and animals could have an effect on how we are feeling.

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a therapist and senior lecturer in Alternative Medicine for over 33 years. Over the years I have specialised in various healing methods, and I developed new healing techniques in Alternative Medicine. I’m happy to share interesting and useful diagnostic and treatment methods with anyone who wants to improve their lives.

You have written an insightful trilogy of books.  The Power of Colors, The Power of Animal Messages and The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children.  How do you feel these books can help people boost their mental health?

In our technologically advanced world, we are often disconnected from nature around us and this causes us to feel unbalanced physically and mentally.

My books offer natural and powerful ways to reconnect with nature and use the amazing powers of colours, flowers and animals in order to connect with our inner strength, to be able to balance physically and mentally and to reach inner peace and mental health.

We have written about colours and the impact they can have on people’s mood in your books.  It’s an extremely enlightening topic to delve in to.  The Power of Colors explores this in much more depth.  It was interesting to read about the links between colours and Native American ancient wisdom.  What lead you to explore colours in this way?

As a painter, colours have a huge part in my life. When I specialised in the diagnosis and treatment methods with the help of colours, I learned and connected spiritually with the teaching of the Native Americans. I came to know that the effect of the Native American ancient methods on my patients is amazing. As a result I decided to focus on these methods, develop them and share them with the world.

How beneficial to our mood and wellbeing do you find colours to be?  What exactly is colour work?

Colours affect our body, our mind and our soul. Studies show that each colour has a different wavelength, which effects us physically and mentally. For example: the colour blue is considered a relaxing colour that can help reduce blood pressure. By using the colours we need, we can improve our lives.

Bach Flower Remedies have been around for centuries and used now as an alternative, or indeed complimentary treatment.  How beneficial do you find these are for children?  Where did the idea for this area of research stem from?

From infancy to adulthood, children encounter difficult emotional and physical situations. Bach Flower Remedies can help them overcome their problems in a natural way. Over the years I have treated many children with the help of Bach Flower Remedies in various situations. When I came to know that children of all ages have responded wonderfully to Bach Flower Remedies, without side effects, I decided to research this treatment for children in depth. Today, I can happily say that the results of treating children with the help of Bach Flower Remedies can be amazing.

We all have experienced the benefits of animals on our mental health.  Their caring, calming nature at times can be such a comfort to us.  The Power of Animal Messages explores the connection between humans and the animals around them.  Can you tell us more about this please? 

The Native Americans say that the animals around us are our brothers and sisters in our journey on earth. Every animal we meet can teach us a significant lesson about ourselves and our current situation in life, and help us listen to our inner voice and reconnect to our inner strength. The book contains information about the messages of 150 animals, and 54 animal cards. When we understand the meaning of the messages brought to us by the animals we meet, we can use these insights to balance ourselves physically and mentally.

How did you find yourself researching the effects of animals on our mental and physical health?

Since childhood I have had a deep and strong connection with animals. As a child, as a mother and as a holistic therapist I came to know that animals have a wonderful ability to support us in difficult situations and help us relax and heal. When I studied the ancient teachings of the Native Americans, l realized how important it is to show the world that animals are great guides and healers, and I’ve been teaching this ever since.

Do you have a favourite flower remedy?  Why did you choose this?

I love all the remedies, and especially the Walnut remedy. The times we live in are full of changes, and Walnut remedy can help us adapt to changes and transitions in our lives in the best way.

If someone needed a boost to their mental health today, what do you feel is the one thing, based on your experience, they could do?

Connect with nature; Eat plant-based food in all colours, put pots with beautiful and healthy plants in your home and place of work, and spend half an hour a day in the fresh air.

You clearly have a deep and meaningful connection with Native American history and culture.  Where does this come from?

I believe in reincarnation. I remember being a part of the noble nation of the Native Americans, and my heart and soul are bound to them with true love.

How much do you think we can learn from other cultures when it comes to improving our mental health and wellbeing?

Each culture has its own ways of treating the physical and mental condition of its people. I believe that we should learn from all the cultures, and use the knowledge in ways that are appropriate for our time.

The Wonder Collection

The Wonder Self-Care Journal! We believe self-care is vital to great mental health.  What is your go to self-care activity and why?

I love to walk in nature! It helps me to clear my head and feel connected to the world around me.

The Wonder Mix Tape! What song/artist do you find uplifting and listening to it/them boosts your mood?

The songs of Simon and Garfunkel accompany me and lift my spirit throughout my life.

The Wonder Bookshelf! Can you recommend a book to our readers.  Fiction, non-fiction, feel good or advice giving.  Why did you choose this book?

“Love, Medicine & Miracles” by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D

This is one of the first healing books I read in 1984. An excellent and ground-breaking book, which changed the ways of healing in our world.

The Wonder Sketchbook! Being mindful is a not just rewarding but can also be a lot of fun. 

The Power of Alternative Medicine Trilogy by Noah Goldhirsh includes The Power of Colors (2nd Edition), The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children and The Power of Animal Messages (2nd Edition). Hammersmith Health Books. They are a wonderful read and gives a different way to approach boosting your mental health,


You can even read the first chapter for free and buy The Power of Colors here: The Power of Colors 2nd Edition : Noah Goldhirsh – Book2look The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children here: The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children : Noah Goldhirsh – Book2look The Power of Animal Messages here: The Power of Animal Messages (2nd Edition) : Noah Goldhirsh – Book2look

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