We all feel anxiety and stress, children are no different. In fact, for children it can be more overwhelming as they have not learnt the skills to manage emotions effectively. Bubble breathing can be a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal to help in those moments of distress. It’s fun to boot!

What is Bubble Breathing?

Simply put, bubble breathing is the act of using bubbles to control your, (or your child’s) breathing patterns. It works off of the same principles as Square breathing. You can find out more about square breathing in our article When you Want to Roar, Breathe Like a Dinosaur! In this article you will find the techniques of square breathing and a fun dinosaur themed video that can help your child grasp the concept. You can even download it for FREE!

bubble breathing
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What are the Benefits?

There are a number of benefits regarding bubble breathing.

  • It calms the nervous system
  • Provides a focus for the busy mind
  • Pursed -lip breathing is great for helping to improve your breathing patterns overall
  • Better circulation
  • The process of blowing bubbles also improves fine motor skills and coordination
  • Plus its FUN! As well as encouraging your child to explore and be more curious.

How do you do Bubble Breathing?

bubble breathing
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First off you need some bubbles! They do not need to be expensive, cheap ones work just the same and the more expensive options. What you do need to make sure of, is they are not giant bubbles. The standard, hold the bubble wand type in a small bottle, is all that is required.

Once you have your bubbles, explain the ‘rules’ of this fun new game to your child. Making it a game will increase it’s appeal.

  • Take a big breath in
  • Hold for 4 seconds
  • Breathe out for 4 seconds, making the biggest bubble you can.
  • and repeat.

You can even make your own bubble wands using pipe cleaners and your own solution with washing up liquid and water!

Simple and effective, bubble breathing can be a fun activity that helps your child in many ways. It can even be done indoors, use the bathroom when it’s raining outside!

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