Easter brings with it the possibility of unexpected visitors. Whether it is family or friends, this can make you feel anxious at the best of times. An unexpected visit could be a knock on the door, or even last minute plans. Today we are taking a look at three ways to help you cope better with this. Making visits less stressful and more enjoyable.

Be Honest with People

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It is easier now, more than ever to make plans in advance. Even so, people do sometimes just turn up, or set up last visits at the last minute. This can leave us in a flap. Is the house a mess? Do you have food and drink for visitors? Are the kids feeling okay? There are a million and one considerations that can run through our minds.

A good idea is to be honest with friends and family. Explain to them how last minute plans and unexpected visits can make you feel. That you would rather have time to prepare for company, than be flying around at the drop of a hat getting ready. People can be really understanding and often can relate. It may be they find it hard to cope with similar situations.

Feel Comfortable Saying No

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This is probably most difficult if people just turn up. However, if you really aren’t up to having people over, for whatever reason, then politely explain that today isn’t the best day. Whether it is a message, phone call or knock on the door. Ask if you could maybe make plans for another day instead, you’d love to see them.

We often forget that we are entitled to have those boundaries in place. To say no. Although difficult to initially put in place, once they are you will feel much better over time. There is nothing wrong in needing those boundaries and expecting others to respect them.

Be Prepared

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Inevitably, there does come a time when unexpected visitors arrive. It can be overwhelming having a sudden influx of people, reducing space, increasing noise and everyone needing drinks and attention. Try to be prepared by having extra tea bag, some long life milk, squash for the kids in the cupboard. Perhaps some sausage rolls in the freezer or some other snack.

If people are aware that sudden visits can be difficult for you, then hopefully it will reduce these occurrences. Of course, there always the option to not open the door!

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