It’s almost Halloween and we could not be more excited! One of our favourite times of the year, October is full of intrigue, fabulous colours and spooky goings on. We are always looking for fun, exciting things to get during this time, whether we need cheering up or something to do with friends! There is always something great to discover to boost your mood. After much searching through the haunted shopping centres and creepy webpages, we have found some incredibly spine tingling offerings to make Halloween horrible!

Feisty Pets


We all love a cuddly toy, but can you love one that’s a little feisty? These adorably cute creatures are just like all the others, but with a little twist.

Fiendishly fluffy, your new friend comes with a warning on the box that should be taken seriously. Our Favourite Sammy Suckerpunch, dislikes bath time, his tail and your mum! Upset him and he turns into a snarling, grumpy, yet still adorable pup.

No detail has been missed with Feisty Pets. Arriving in a cardboard crate with bars on the windows, Feisty Pets go from cute to creepy by squeezing the back of their head. The kids will love the information about their new pal which will easily fuel their imaginations for hours.

Feisty Pets (SRP £19.99 –  £27.99) from John Adams

IT! Card Game

Chapter Two


Throw yourself into the horror of IT! A movie with such an epic story line is now a frightening new card game.

You are in the sewers and Pennywise is after you! Can you escape? Will you survive? It’s a team game (2-4 players), where you work together to collect all the lost items in the sewers. Travelling on your boat, you have to try to avoid the balloons as they bring you closer to your foe!

The game includes actual balloons that could end the game with a POP!. A fantastic offering from Cartamundi and perfect for a nightmarish night in with friends.

For 2-5 platers, IT! Chapter 2 is from Cartamundi (RRP £12.99)

Ghastly Games

Technically this item is three in one. Asmodee have created a wonderfully wicked collection of games suitable for the whole family, available as a bundle.

One of the best things to do over the Halloween period is become absorbed in fabulously freaky fun.. This curated selection of games from Asmodee is perfect to get you in the Halloween spirit and deliver those thrills!

Ticket to Ride – Ghost Train


If you have ever played Ticket to Ride, you already know this is a great game for the whole family. Now Asmodee have released a bewitching version perfect for Halloween – Ticket to Ride Ghost Train.

Following the same idea as the original game, Ghost Trian is set in spooky surroundings. Players need to claim their routes so that they are able to run their Ghost Trains and fulfil their tickets. Whether it is from the Graveyard to Fisherman’s Wharf, or the Pumpkin Patch to the Swamp, collects 6 tickets before the other players to win and get the Golden Jackpot Card!

Wonderfully designed, Ghost train has beautiful graphics aimed at children, with cute, yet ghastly characters, adorable mini ghost trains and a board that is filled with deadly destinations.

2-4 Players



Beautifully designed with sugar skulls and more, Skull is a fabulous game for everyone. Its bright colours, stunning images and well made pieces make playing it an absolute delight.

Gameplay is simple and easy to grasp. Turn over the cards, but don’t be the first one to find a SKull or you will lose the game. It is a game where you need to keep your nerve and bluff the other players. Do you have a good poker face? Can you tell if your family and friends are lying?

Suitable for 3-6 players, this game can be taken and played anywhere.

Werewolves of Millers Hollow


Wickedly wonderful, Werewolves of Millers Hollow is the perfect offering for a Halloween party games night. Gather your friends and family, who will survive a night in Millers Hollow?

Each player is issued a character card. Some will be ordinary villagers, at the mercy of the werewolves and others will have special abilities in line with their assigned characters. Will the Sherriff help or hinder? What about the Little Girl or the Hunter?

When night falls the werewolves claim their next victim. They are out of the game and their role revealed. By day the players need to decide who is a werewolf, death by lynching their fate. Can the villagers uncover the werewolves before they’re all lost? Will they be led astray by the special characters with their own agendas? Only you can find out…if you dare.

Suitable for 8-18 players, Werewolves of Millers Hollow is a fabulous frightful game!

This incredible collection is available from Amazon for £53.16

All of these fantastic items are just the ticket for Halloween this year, maybe cuddling up to an adorable pet with a wicked side tickles your fancy. Or perhaps a night of freaky fun is in order. Either way they are sure to boost your mood and leave lasting memories. Whether they are good or horrific is up to you….(insert evil laughter).

If you love games with a twist, keep an eye out in our Entertainment section for an incredible game that not only requires you to solve a clue to get into the box, but includes a board game and mystery!

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