We all feel the need to make better choices, for both our physical and mental health. It is difficult at times to know which way to turn though. The internet is an incredible tool, but searching for new, or even existing ways to help your body and mind, can be overwhelming! What can you do to make it easier?

Knowing What Choices You Need or Want to Make

It is easy to say ‘make a decision’. Half the battle can be knowing what it is you actually want to change! If you want to lose weight, it is about knowing why and how you want to do this. If you want to improve your mental health, you need to understand what you’re struggling with and then the various options to help improve that. The first step is making those choices to help yourself, from there it’s honing in on the specifics.

With the new year, resolutions and so on, many of us want healthier lifestyles. It’s not an overnight process though, this takes time and effort. So, picking that specific area to work on first is the key.

Making Informed Choices

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Next we need to think about the right way to do things. This is where the internet can be overwhelming. Improving your mental or physical health may have many roads leading to the goal. Each of them will focus of a different journey, different pit stops, solving different issues. Small steps, but the right steps are the way to go.

Do your research, speak to professionals and check out any information you read before making any choices. It’s no good embarking on a particular therapy, or diet for example, if it doesn’t help you achieve your end goal. Some therapies are more beneficial for short term issues, whilst others might look at childhood trauma. One diet may help you lose weight, but not keep it off. Whilst another may be focused on working in tandem with an exercise regime.

Finding Something That works

We decided to take a look at helping our minds, whilst giving us a little goodness at the same time. A small step, the first one on a journey to better mental and physical health. This isn’t a magic wand, just a starting point or perhaps something to enhance the journey you are already on. There are many choices out there, finding that one thing that resonates with you will help massively in achieving goals.

Aduna has released a series of Advanced Superfood Blends that can be made into smoothies, used in baking, stirred into yoghurt or even added to a yummy hot chocolate. They focus on helping to improve the gut, immune system and also your mental health. Our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked, so this makes sense. They are sustainably sourced to boot!

The Blends’


The collection includes blends that target the Mind, Beauty, Digestion, Energy and there is also a Super Greens Blend. We were lucky enough to give the Mind and Energy ones a try and are rather taken with them.

It is recommended that we try to consume 30 of the worlds rainbow-coloured plants a week to promote healthier minds and bodies. Each of these pouches will help to achieve that, ticking one box! They include ingredients such as baobab, camu camu, inulin, lion’s mane, flax, moringa and wheatgrass, along with probiotics, nootropics and adaptagens. All of these boost and target specific areas depending on the blend you choose.

Farzanah, a nutritionist from Aduna explains each of the blends and how they work to support the body and mind.

  • Mind (chocolatey) – “Adaptogens ashwagandha and schisandra and nootropics reishi and lion’s mane manage a healthy stress response while cacao powder acts as a prebiotic supporting the gut microbiome and boosting mood and cinnamon helps ease anxiety.”
  • Beauty (tangy berry) – “Loaded with antioxidants from hibiscus (so rich in flavanols it’s nick-named the anti-aging plant), beetroot, goji and açai plus anti-inflammatory nettle, this blend fights free radicals and nourishes skin from the inside out. Rich in vitamin C and protein, it supports cell growth, collagen formation and skin elasticity.”
  • Digestion (cinnamon-spiced) – Packed with baobab, flaxseeds, inulin and psyllium husk, this blend is rich in fibre and prebiotics that help feed and nourish the gut microbiome. Anti-inflammatory ginger, cinnamon and turmeric help soothe and regulate the digestive system while chamomile is a nervine, helping to calm the gut.”
  • Super-Greens (zesty greens) – “A powerful mix of adaptogenic green superfoods, containing 15% plant protein supports both body and mind. High in B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and iron, Super-Greens aids the nervous, immune and digestive systems. Algae like chlorella and spirulina provide omega 3 for heart health, while wheatgrass, barley grass and moringa offer cleansing antioxidants.”
  • Energy (citrussy) – “Loaded with energy-boosting plants: guarana and matcha which contain caffeine for a natural lift, vitamin C rich baobab to fight fatigue-triggering free radicals and maca, an adaptogen, to enhance resilience to stressors.”

What We Thought

We love that the range is organic, vegan and is even gluten-free, has no added sugar, preservatives or additives. This just helps make Aduna Advanced Superfood Blends an easier choice!

The flavours are divine. Mind has a rich, deep chocolatey aroma that really lasts. It is smooth and mouth-wateringly delicious. Not only did we enjoy the drink, we also had that gratification of feeling like we’d had some chocolate. It did help us feel better about the day ahead, but of course we haven’t tried this long term.


Energy was quite different. Boasting a citrussy flavour, we found that it had a sour note right at the end, but was not overpowering. It tastes quite nice, but has a musky flavour and aroma that didn’t really suit us. That could just be because we love chocolate, of course! We did feel energised though, a much healthier alternative to energy drinks!

The versatility of Aduna blends is fantastic. Whilst we tried the smoothie option, we are looking forward to baking with them. The ability to add them to drinks, breakfasts, baking and more means even if the drinks are to your taste, you have the opportunity to get the goodness they provide in a multitude of ways.

Overall, the Mind Blend is definitely a winner for us. Something we will try for a while to see the overall benefits.

Aduna Advanced Superfood Blends are available from Holland & Barrett, Amazon and aduna.com for £21.99 for a 100% recyclable 250g resealable pouch.

You can find lots of information throughout The Wonderment. Do please check with your GP or health professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle if you have preexisting conditions.

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Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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