We’ve had a little break from the Buildable Skincare Routine whilst we launched our Podcast and competition series, What The Mental Health? It’s back now though and today we are going to take a look at what and essence is. We will also explain how to add it to your routine.

So Far…

During this series we have looked at 8 different steps, on our way to a 10 step skincare routine. Of course, as we’ve explained, you can add whichever steps you wish. There are no rules or obligations.

So far we have looked at:

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What is an Essence?

An essence is a water based product that helps gets your skin ready for the remainder of your skincare routine. Unlike other products in your routine, an essence does not tackle a specific area, such as ageing or blemishes.

What are the Benefits of an Essence?

The benefits of an essence, used in conjunction with a toner and serum, are fantastic for your skin. Where a toner will clean away dirt and grime it can leave your skin parched and not feeling particularly great. A serum targets a specific skincare concern and whilst it helps to give the skin a boost, it’s function is generally that one specific area..

With an essence you are replenishing the skin. It works deep down, where the skin needs that nourishment most. Absorbing in the skin hydrating it. This is then locked into the skin. This is its only job and it does it well.

How to Add an Essence to your Skincare Routine.

Adding an essence couldn’t be easier, once you have found one that suits you. Simply use it after the serum and feel the nourishment that will leave your skin more balanced and hydrated.

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Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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