Okay, so your children can be a pain, it can be stressful being a parent and sometimes all we want is some peace. They bring a lot of joy to our lives though, even in the darkest of times. They can have this magical effect on us, turning a bad day good and a low mood a little brighter.

Not everyone has children though, which is of course fine. Generally though we all know people with them and even if we don’t children’s magic is far reaching.

What is it About Children That can be Magical?

Children are imbued with this incredible innocence that transcends anything we as adults can remember. They are untainted by the world at large, by the horrors on the news and the stress of being a grown up. We protect and love them with every fibre in their being. Because of all of this they have room to grow and learn, to imagine and dream, this is what makes them magical.

Anything is possible when you are a child. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up and the answers are unhindered by the reality we live within.

Why Does this Make You Feel Better?

This helps bring us back to a time when we felt like this. When our lives were full of possibilities and incredible futures. It resonates with us and the children that still reside in our minds.

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It’s also a wonderful feeling to watch that innocence and share in the excitement of a world filled with unicorns or ninjas. The pure joy they feel from life in general is infectious. Making a rocket ship out of cardboard boxes, or becoming fairies in an enchanted kingdom. Even a tea party for royalty. It is all incredible.

Children take our attention away from the troubles we are facing and we can find ourselves in a magical world for just a few minutes. All of the stress and worry melts away for those moments, allowing us to experience that freedom again.

Why Does it Change Your Perspective?

Children see things differently. They solve problems in a different way. It is only as they grow and learn, they they develop the skills they are taught to deal with the world around them. So, slaying a dragon who is keeping the princess captive, could be done in a thousand different ways. A magic potion might put the dragon to sleep, or even turn it into a frog. The dragon might be grumpy because he doesn’t want to be a jailor. It might need a problem solving itself. Children will find, through imagination and the lens of imagination, countless ways to overcome the hurdle in front of them.

Photo by Gabriel Vasiliu on Unsplash

Watching them do this, being a part of this journey, can give you valuable insight into your own troubles. It allows you to see that life is full of resolutions, possibilities and discoveries. That just around the corner, with perseverance, there is a solution, a way to manage a situation. A way to slay the monsters.

So, if you have children, or spend time with them, embrace that freedom and innocence. Join them on their magical journey’s through an imagination fuelled world. Let those worries disappear for a short time and become part of that landscape. Let yourself return to unburdened childhood and see the world that is full of possibilities. If nothing else, you get some time of pure indulgence. You’re reminded of how to really enjoy and embrace the world around you.

You can find lots of ideas on things to do with your children throughout The Wonderment.

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