The shops are filled with decorations, there’s festive music everywhere and the children are already super excited. There is no doubt Christmas is on its way! Whilst it is still November and we don’t want to add to the impending stress that can be associated with this time of year, we did think of some ideas to help the kids stay occupied. Keeping them busy not only helps curb their excitement, but gives you some much needed time to just breathe! It can be hard as a parent or carer with the constant state of adrenaline the kids seem to find themselves in around Christmas.

To give yourself a break and the kids some fun, whilst boosting mental health all around, here are some of our favourite crafts to do with them! (There’s also a free download to help too!)

Paper Chains


These were a staple when we were kids and super easy to make. Grab some coloured paper or card and cut it into strips. Simply stick one end to the other to form a ring. Next pop the end of the second strip through the centre of the first, then glue the ends. Now you have two rings on your chain! Just rinse and repeat for some colourful festive decorations.

This is a great way to get the kids creating and you get some decorations ready in the process!

Christmas Colouring

There are tons of free downloads and Christmas colouring books in the shops. Colouring is not just fantastic for a few moments of mindfulness, (check out our article about colouring to find out more), it can also be great fun.

Of course the pictures the kids complete could also double a Christmas decs this year.

Make Your Own Crackers

One of our favourite Christmas activities is to make our own crackers! Now, usually we simply use some colourful paper, a toilet roll tube, some ribbon and stickers. However, we have created a template that you can download for free, here or on our Free Resources page. This is a cut out and colour template.

  • Print the template out onto white card
  • Cut along the solid lines once the kids have coloured in the festive cracker.
  • You will need to fold along the white dotted lines.
  • DON’T FORGET to fill the cracker with a little gift and a joke! Get the kids to write their favourite ones down.
  • Glue or tape each side of the cracker to the other using the red tabs on the right.
  • Tie each end with a ribbon – between the inverted triangles.

Make Presents for Loved Ones

Another much loved activity is definitely preparing for the festive period by making gifts for our loved ones.

Family and friends adore receiving gifts from the little ones in their lives. The care, thought and time that they spend making something can be so special.

There are plenty of ideas for creating presents such as decorating mugs, making a special Christmas decoration, baking treats (although this needs to be done closer to the time) and even trinkets from clay. The possibilities are endless.

Make some Christmas Cards

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Straight forward and loved by the kids, creating Christmas cards can be a lot of fun. This can be such a personal gift and there are many ways to complete the activity.

You can buy a kit, get the kids to draw a picture and have them printed or simply use a piece a card, fold it in half and get designing. you could even make your own wrapping paper and gift tags too!

Whatever crafts you do with the kids we would love to see them over on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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