If you are a book lover, then there is nothing better than unwrapping a fabulous new read Christmas morning. The excitment of waiting for the time when you can wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket and disappear into a new adventure is incredible. Being able to get away from the hectic chaos of Christmas can sometimes be just what you need. We have got some fantastic fiction books for you to consider this year.

The Legend of Childer’s Forest by Gillian Young


A delightful children’s chapter book full of adventure and intrigue is the first book we are sharing today. The Legend of Childer’s Forest by Gillian Young is enchanting. Part of the Crazy Cream Adventures series, the book follows a Golden Retriever, Poppy and her younger sister Devon.

They set off on a mission to save a family of rabbits, but end up in Childer’s Forest. A place full of mysteries. However, things become more serious when Jack, their brother, human, is in danger. They call on the Legend of Childer’s Forest to save the day.

RRP £10.99 available from Amazon

Between The Lies by Louise Tickle


Alone after the murders of her mother and brother,Cherry Magraw faced the world as a child whose father had been the perpetrator.

Cherry never imagined that she would be investigating a story that would link with her own frought past. She was working on a story that was close to home, Domestic Abuse and the family courts, a world that was secretive, when she received a letter. A letter from the last person she could have imagined. Her father.

Suddenly her life was thrown into turmoil. Chaos ensued as everything she thought she once knew was turned upon its head. Every turn was filled with danger now, but Cherry has to keep going. The question was if she could keep a clear head and save another family from disaster.

An on the edge of your seat read and hard to put down, Between the Lies is fast paced and gripping, gut wrenching. This is one thriller you will want to read just one more page bedfore bed.

RRP £11.99

Artificial Wisdom by Thomas R. Weaver


A fast moving story that is incredibly thought provoking and enthralling, Artificial Wisom is like nothing you’ve read before.

Set in Athens, the year is 2050 and the world is still realing after the worst natural disaster Earth had ever faced. A heatwave had spread across the Persian Gulf, leaving 400 million dead. Among the dead was Marcus Tully’s wife.

A decade later Marcus is thrown into the serach for the culprit in a brutal murder. One that lies at the centre of the current election for Global Dictator. This is no ordinary fight for leadership though as the first AI canditate is running.

The investigation calls so much into question, including whether or not the heatwave was in fact natural. Was this an intentional act? Only Marcus can unravel the truth, but time is ticking away and the fate of human kind rests upon his shoulders.

RRP £14.99 (Hardback) available from Amazon

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