We have been searching high and low for gifts this year. The idea is to lending a helping hand where gifting is concerned, because it can be extremely stressful looking for that perfect present. Today we have chosen 3 books that are a little different to the usual fiction offerings.

Trying to Make the World a Better Place by Diana Holbourn

Using humour and techniques used by therapists, Diana Holbourn has created Becky Bexley. A child who wants to help and always has done. Now, as a teenager, Becky issues her unsolicited advice wherever she goes. Whether it is at school, with her mum or even when visiting the White House and meeting the president, Becky can’t help herself.

Tackling issues such as bullying, depressions and smoking, Diana has found a way to make giving advice, and receiving it, fun and entertaining. All of Becky’s advice is based on genuine technique used by therapists and psychological research. So, Trying to Make the World a Better Place is not only a lovely read, but is packed with helpful hints on how to tackle some of the challenges life throws at us. It’s also part of a larger series of books should you want to read more, and we think you just might!

You can purchase Trying to Make the World a Better Place for £10.99 or as an eBook for £1.99

Time to Repair by Vicky Fox

Time to Repair : How Yoga Can Restore Body and Mind in 5 Minutes a Day by Vicky Fox, is a wonderful approach to getting into the new year.

We all have those aspirations of getting fitter, eating better and performing more self-care. It can be tough to action those feelings and ideas though. So, giving the gift of a book that details how in just 5 minutes a day you can make those changes, could make all the difference. So much of the world now is digital, streaming, online in one way or another. There are some of us though that prefer to hold books in our hands.

The book explains yoga and it’s teachings, detailing equipment and supports you might need to. Vicky then goes on to explain the poses, along with imagery to help you get it right.

This is the perfect choice for a loved one who is wanting to make their first steps into yoga.

You can purchase Time to Repair at Book2Look in print for £17.99 or as an eBook for £5.99

Roots of Happiness by Susie Dent

A personal favourite, Roots of Happiness 100 Words for Joy and Hope by Susie Dent, is simply delightful. This book is packed with some of the happiest and fuzzy feeling words we’ve come across. It is the kind of book you can dip in and out of, with quite a few surprises along the way. Not to mention a little amusement too!

Each word and definition is accompanied by charming illustrations created by Harriet Hobday. They create a cosy, joyful atmosphere each time you open it!

Some of our (now) most loved words are featured including Snoodge, which means to make yourself feel warm and sheltered. Or perhaps you’d like Forblissed, a word to describe being blissfully happy. Yakamoz is another added to our vocabulary, the Turkish word to describe the moonlight dancing upon the ocean. The best find when reading this book though was Clinkabell, a simply beautiful word to describe an icicle.

Susie Dent’s writing is enchanting and wonderous as she describes the meanings behind some of the happiest words around.

Roots of Happiness is available for £16.99

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Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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