Christmas just wouldn’t be festive without some delicious food added to the mix. It is one of the things that most people will agree on, yummy treats! Of course, everyone is different when it comes to their favourites, so we have hunted high and low for a few things that are not strictly conventional.

Madhūka Starter Kit

ōForest™ are bringing Madhūka to the world. Meaning nectar, Madhūka comes from the flower of a tress in India and has some wonderful health properties due to being packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t hurt that it also tastes like caramel. The flowers are harvested when they fall naturally from the trees, then they are dried in the sun and roasted before being processed.

Creating five teas, Madhūka Nibs and Madhūka Powder, there is a whole host of ways to try this unusual plant. The Madhūka Starter Kit is a fantastic way to introduce yourself, or a loved one, to the range. The kit includes Madhūka Nibs, Powder and Earth Tea. Delicately, yet full flavoured the range has a subtle sweet taste and is sure to be a hit with whoever receives it.

Available from ōForest™ for £20

Ombar Chocolate Baubles!

We love the tradition of hanging chocolates on the tree and now we have a new exciting way to do it. Ombar have created these fabulously festive Oat M’lk Christmas Baubles and they are brilliant!

Each one contains no less than 16 mini bars of delectable chocolate, in four wonderful flavours. This includes Original Smooth & Creamy, Hazelnut, Fruit & Nut and Salted Caramel Truffle (our personal favourite).

This sustainable, vegan, gluten & dairy free, Fairtrade, organic chocolate is not just unbelievably yummy made with British Grown Oats, but good for the environment! All of the packaging is plastic free too and completely recyclable, meaning less waste and more taste!

Fantastic as a gift or for your tree they are available from Ombar for £7.99. don’t forget to check out their delicious Spiced Orange Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate Bar too!

Haribo Letter Writing Kit


The lovable mascot of Haribo, Goldbear is here to helps kids get in the festive mood and write their letter to the big man. Not that they need much encouragement of course.

The Letter Writing Kit from Haribo is a lovely addition to any Christmas festivities. It comes is a brightly coloured box, featuring Goldbear on the front, but the real magic is when you open it up. Inside are three treat sized Haribo packs, a Christmas pen and postcard for your little one to fill out for Father Christmas. This is addressed to Goldbear’s Grotto, so that it can be given directly to Santa!

It seems like a lot of thought went into creating this cute offering from Haribo, one that is sure to make the kids happy! Available from HARIBO retail stores, Sainsbury’s, B&M, Poundland, and other high street retailers for £3.50.

M&S Christmas Tea & Coffee

It is always good to change things up a little and M&S have done just that this year with some of their wonderful Fairtrade products. They make an incredible gift that has an air of luxuriousness about them, their Christmas Tea & Coffee.

The tea, a British staple of course, is delectable. Christmas Spiced Tea is a black tea packed with spices and citrus. Refreshing, yet festive, M&S have created a blend that will be gorgeous to sip Christmas Morning whilst watching the children open their presents.

Now, whilst for some tea is the ticket to early mornings, for others there is no substitute for coffee. Packing a merry punch, this rich, dark roasted Arabica coffee has been flavoured beautifully with chocolate and citrus. Not only to give you the energy you need for the unwrapping, but get you wide awake so you don’t miss any of those memory making moments.

Available from M&S Food Stores and Ocado from £2

Costwold Fudge – Gingerbread Flavour

Possibly the most exciting fudge we’ve tried in a long time! From the Costwold Fudge Co, is the Vegan Gingerbread Fudge and it is scrumptious, just like it says on the packet.

If you love gingerbread, true gingerbread, or know someone who does, this is wonderful. On opening you are met with an aroma reminiscent of Gingerbread houses. It tastes delectable, the crumbly fudge melts in your mouth in the most perfect and creamy fashion. Not too sweet, yet sweet enough it packs a little kick. Just enough spice to leave a lingering warmth on your tongue.

Available from Costwold Fudge Co from £3.50

Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites Tub


Sweet Tubs have been a staple in British households at Christmas time for decades. No longer in tins and no longer just chocolates on offer, there is a variety of treats available. You may have guessed we love Swizzels, the memories from childhood of going into the sweet shop and picking out the best sweets, is a nostalgic love! Gone are those days of corner shops, penny sweets and quarters. Swizzels have us sod though!

The Sweet Shop Favourite Tub is opening a door to that time gone by. Crammed full of old favourites and some newer ones, it is a tremendous alternative to chocolate over the holidays. Including treats such as Drumsticks, Love Hearts, Squashies, Parma Violets, Refreshers, Double Lollies, Fizzers and Fruity Pops, there is enough to keep you going throughout the festive period.

Available from all major retailers and convenience stores from just £5.

Tony’s Chocolonely

The final pick for today is a wonderful Fairtrade product, Tony’s Chocolonely. Before we get to the chocolate though we want to mention just what Tony’s Chocolonely is fighting for. There is still modern slavery is West Africa on the cocoa farms. This company are actively fighting to end that slavery, a noble endeavour not difficult to support.

This little gift set is fabulous, designed like a miniature house, where you can even listen down the chimney to see what you can hear. Inside the box is filled with yummy chocolate disc in a variety of flavours. These include Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Almond and Honey, Milk Chocolate Caramel and Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt.

A stocking filler, or perfect after dinner treat whilst playing games, there is something to excite everyone around the table. Available from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Oxfam from £6

We can’t wait to tuck into our Christmas stash this year with so many awesome treats on offer. You will be able to find all manner of gifting ideas this year on The Wonderment throughout December. Don’t forget to join the conversation over on social media too. You can find us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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