We are talking a lot about being positive this New Year, and with good reason. If you have a read of Starting The New Year with a Positive Outlook, you’ll see a few of the reasons why. Positivity can help you in numerous ways. Today we are looking at the benefit of affirmations. Are they any good? Do they work? What’s the point? Let’s find out.

What is an Affirmation?

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An affirmation is a phrase that you can tell yourself that reinforces a belief, or one you would like to hold. A good example is “It’s okay to feel however you feel’. Another one could be “You are capable of anything”.

Affirmations can be any phrase that helps you to see your potential, have belief in yourself or help you feel better about who you are. They can be extremely personal, something that you have created yourself, or you could look them up online. There are even Positive Affirmation Cards that you can purchase.

Do they Work?

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‘Everything I need is within me’. This affirmation holds true when asking the question, do they work? As with most things in life, you have to work at them, nothing is just handed out to you, and making change in your life is no different. That’s what you are aiming for when using them, change.

Positive affirmations take time to work as they are helping your brain to fight the negative thoughts. If you have low self-esteem and use the affirmation ‘I believe in myself’, it will not work over night. The daily act of affirming your personal belief tells your brain over time that the negative thoughts are wrong. You aren’t stupid, you aren’t useless, incapable or weak.

The repetitive nature of using affirmations means that the subconscious negative thought patterns are combatted each time you say the affirmation. Eventually, they are replaced with more positive thoughts which in turn inform your feelings.

What are the Benefits of Affirmations?

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There are plenty. If you want to make these small positive changes, and work at them, they can have a wonderful effect on your life. We already know that they help to fight those negative thought patterns. They also help to build your confidence, reduce your worry and anxiety, even improve stress levels and feelings of depression.

Please remember though, affirmations are not a substitute for real help. If you are struggling then check out our Therapy page and take a look at some organisations that can help. You could chat to a friend or loved one, perhaps make an appointment with the GP.

How to use Affirmations

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The fun thing about affirmations as there is no single way to use them. You can fit them in with your life at a time that suits you.

You do not even need set affirmations, you can write your own. If you feel you aren’t good enough, use ‘I am enough’, feelings of low confidence ‘I can do this’ or even worrying too much, ‘I can deal with challenges that arise’.

Of course you can find thousands of examples online if you are stumped, or buy some Positive Affirmation Cards. The cards are great as you can use one card at a time, picking out ones you feel resonate. Or you can use one a day. Personally, these cards are dotted around the office, ones that help me, so I see them subconsciously every day.

You can speak your affirmations aloud, this can be in front of the mirror, when you wake up or even over breakfast. Why not use a journal and write your affirmation every day, create art and decorate it. Make the affirmation a part of your day, every day.

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