As summer approaches, even those of us who don’t always pay attention to our nails, get the urge to paint them. We had a chat with Jackie from Earthy Nail Polish to find out about their beautiful collections, boosting your mood with them and a cheeky competition to win a set of your own!

The Interview

Hello, thank you for taking to time to talk with us today!

Please could you introduce yourself to our readers and explain what you do?

Hi, I am Jackie, one of the co-founders of Earthy Nail Polish.

What was the inspiration behind Earthy Nail Polish?

Earthy nail polish was born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products that do more harm than good to your nails. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product, at an affordable price with the least impact on the environment. This is achieved by using natural origin and bio-sourced materials with sustainable packaging.

One of the beliefs you mentioned behind Earthy Nail Polish is reducing the damage to your nails.  Looking after ourselves can have such a massive impact on our mental health, do you feel that by making a polish that is better for our bodies, will influence our mental health?

Having a 21 free formula reduces the risk of allergies and provides a healthier choice of nail care .  Making ethical lifestyle choices can positively impact your mental well-being by leading to increased self esteem and reduced guilt giving us an improved sense of purpose.

Sustainability is another important belief behind your brand.  Can you tell us more about that?

We have replaced single use only plastic cap’s with a highly sustainable and biodegradable bamboo cap. Further, we have developed a 100% post consumer plastic seal that removes plastic destined for the ocean as part of the ocean cycle program. All of our nail polishes and treatments are produced with a platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability rating. 

We ensure the removal of all plastic inner and outer production packaging and are proud to offer a return reuse program. This program allows for a circular economy with the materials used. The program works by returning the used nail polish bottles and bamboo caps to us. We clean, sterilize and reuse the materials. Anything that is beyond use is processed through our recycling management partner.

We pledge to continuously improve the sustainability of our products. 

earthy nail polish

I was lucky enough to be sent one of your beautiful polish collections, Indian Summer.  What influenced the design of this range?

We launched the Indian Summer nail polish collection last year, inspired by the distinct beauty and dramatic colours of India and its wonderful landscapes. The collection includes four gorgeous glitter polishes brimming with sparkle and shimmer.

The collection includes the following beautifully pigmented colours; Jaipur, a vivid pink shade. Amritsar, a bright golden yellow. Shimla, a stunning green and Goa, a dreamy orange reflective of the beautiful Goan sunsets.

The 79% natural origin nail polishes are all vegan and cruelty free and provide long lasting wear and a perfectly even and smooth finish.

I was sceptical when first using Earthy Nail Polish, with it being made differently from mainstream polishes I worried about its ability to stay on, hold a bold colour and look good.  Thankfully my scepticism was unfounded.  The polishes are stunning, this collection filled me joy before I had even applied any, the sumptuous colours with flecks of glitter, have an incredible summer vibe. 

I found them to be easy to apply and extremely chip resistant, which for someone who is quite busy and always crafting, being out and about as well as tending to a little one, is an absolute must.  The vibrancy alone made me smile. 

Of course having lovely nails can be a fantastic self-care activity to give your mental health a little lift.  Do you find that painting your nails has this effect for you?

Yes, I find that applying nail polish helps to boost my mood and reflect my personality.  Applying nail polish can help to give you an increased sense of self confidence and promote a more positive mindset.  Engaging in a self care routine like painting your nails can be a calming and relaxing activity.  Taking the time to pamper yourself can help to reduce stress and promote a positive mind set.  Not to mention, nail polish allows you to be your creative self, you can pick a bright pop of colour or a muted barely there shade that gives you a sense of empowerment.

I am thrilled with how the bottles themselves look.  So often I will get a new polish, do my nails and then the bottle is popped into a drawer out of sight.  With Earthy Nail Polish, the addition of the bamboo cap just makes me want to have them on display!  It gives a whole new dimension to something so simple that we often take for granted.  What made you think about adding the bamboo?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Earthy Nail Polish.  Therefore, the bamboo caps were a no brainer.  The fact that the caps looks so pretty is fantastic but the real reason for us going with the bamboo is due to the fact that Bamboo is a grass  which self regenerates and  absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide as trees.  Bamboo contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Given The Wonderment is a mental health magazine, how important do you think self-care is in your daily routine?  For us painting our nails can be a wonderful way to spend half an hour, but the benefit of seeing gorgeous nails throughout the day is brilliant.

Self care is so important, not only for our own well being but also when setting examples for our family, friends and children.  I can’t stress how much feeling good about yourself means, we all have to take time to do what makes you feel great and brings you joy, even if its just taking out a few minutes from your day for a fresh coat of nail polish. 

The Wonder Collection

the wonder collection

The Wonder Checklist! We believe self-care is vital to great mental health.  What is your go to self-care activity and why?

I love a pamper day, conditioning treatment for the hair, a nourishing face mask and of course a mani pedi.  I often hang out with my sisters, catch up, treat ourselves to a nice lunch and just enjoy beautifying ourselves.

The Wonder Playlist! What song/artist do you find uplifting and listening to it/them boosts your mood?

I’m not the greatest singer, so I tend to save it for when I’m in the shower, but I love I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston, gets me moving every time I hear it!

The Wonder Bookshelf! Do you have book recommendations for our readers? 

Ooh yes I do, in fact I was reading it just yesterday with my 7 year old as its one you can pick up and read just a couple of pages from any time.  The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

The Wonder Sketchbook! Being mindful is a not just rewarding but can also be a lot of fun. 

Drawing helps stimulate the brain and can produce dopamine, improving concentration and making you feel more motivated, as well as being the hormone that lets us feel pleasure.

Draw anything – a self portrait, a plant, doodle, absolutely anything. 

Earthy nail polish

You are right, I often sit and draw following ‘Draw with Rob’ on YouTube with my son and there is such a sense of pride at the end, of doing something together and of something you can feel proud of.

The Competition

We are launching a fabulous competition with you today so that our readers could win one of your beautiful collections.  Tell us about the prize and what made you chose this one.

We are giving away our new Earthy Tones collection.  This collection is made up of four perfect neutral shades for all skin tones. The collection includes Pearls Of Wisdom, Sand Dune, Flamingo Pink and a brand-new shade Cloud 9.  Cloud 9 is perfect for that sleek milky white mani that is so popular with celebrities right now.

earthy nail polish

Thank you so much Jackie for taking the time to chat with us today! It was an absolute pleasure.

If you would like to nab yourself this incredibly beautiful and versatile collection of polishes from Earthy Nail Polish, all you need to do is follow Earthy Nail Polish and The Wonderment on Threads and tag us letting us know what your favourite mood lifting colour is! The competition will run from today until the 2nd September 2023 at midnight.

Good luck!

About Author

Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.


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    Joo Dee says:

    they just look so nice! a great giveaway thank you!

    1. avatar

      They are stunning, aren’t they? Don’t forget to enter so you can possibly grab a set for yourself!

  2. avatar
    Dreamy colours, for my finger nails and and toes. Love that they are so good to nails and painted nails always makes smile when I look down on the.
    Fantastic Giveaway 🤞🤞🥂

  3. avatar
    Rebecca Beesley says:

    Loved reading this. My daughter is now old enough to want to use nail polish but I know that I’ve found other brands seem to cause harm to my nails. Great to read about this and incredibly impressed with the bottle return idea for re-use. Amazing! Following on threads and I find pink to be an uplifting colour for me.

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      You are right, some polishes can be extremely damaging. I always use a base coat to help combat this. Earthy Nail Polish have so many great ideas for sustainability and recycling, it wonderfully refreshing. Pink is such a great colour for lifting the mood!

  4. avatar
    maria says:

    I love the look of the neutral colours especially the brown one x

  5. avatar
    Kim Willing says:

    How lovely, thank you. I find lilac or purple lifts my mood.

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