Christmas Puzzles


It is a brilliant idea to have a present for the kids that will keep them occupied on Christmas Day. An activity they can sit and do under their own steam whilst you crack on with creating that dinner. Boppi have released a delightful Christmas Themed puzzle that is special because it’s round.

Packaged in a cardboard tub that reminds us of the sweet tubs you get at Christmas. It looks so pretty it wont even need wrapping as it is festive all on its own. Inside you will find a fold out picture of the image you are piecing together. There is also what looks like a sweet shop bag containing the 150 rounded puzzle pieces.

Building a Christmas theme the kids will love, this is a fabulous simple, yet challenging activity for them to do.

Amazon,, and all good local toy and gift stores for £16.99

Christmas Cuddles

From Simba Smoby Toys comes these simply adorable Marvel Plush toys! They are super soft so suitable for littles as well as bigger children and can even be posed for some action packed fun.

There is a whole range of characters available including Spiderman, Groot, Captain America, Ironman and Hulk. So no matter which character your child loves the most you will be able to find one of these cute cuddly toys to suit them.

Marvel is a big hit with young and old, this year alone seeing more films added to the catalogue of exciting, action packed movies. Now the children, and most likely grown ups, can recreate their favourite moments with these fantastic toys, then when the excitement has gotten too much, cuddle up and fall asleep with them and dream of heroes!

RRP £14.99, available from Amazon

Sensory Fun


If your children like a little action and some sensory play, then this next pick could be right up your street. Squirty Gertie is a fun game that can be played in two fantastic ways. Word of warning, the fun comes from squirting water!

Gertie is a cow who just wants to soak you all. After filling her with a little water you can choose to play with a test of sheer speed. See who can pump Gertie’s legs the fastest, you’ll want to win because the slowest player gets wet! Alternatively, for a little drama and suspense, you can spin the dial. Each player pumps the pedals the amount shown from their spin. As time goes on you know the next pump could be the last and get you soaked.

This is a great, enjoyable alternative game to get for the kids and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Available from Amazon for £25

Christmas Adventures


Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Treasure Tower sets fill kids with the joy and excitement only kids can muster. The added touch of being able to find REAL GOLD inside is magical, (1 in every 12 playset has gold inside)!

There are three Tower playsets to collect – the Snapping Swamp, Frosty Falls and Molten Mountain. Each have their own distinct design and appeal. Inside there are new micro figures to add to the Treasure X Lost Skull Island collection and there is an incredible 15 adventures to be had.

The kids will definitely be kept busy and enjoy themselves whilst dodging the traps and trying to escape from the disgusting oozy swamp. Not to mentions they have to traverse the bridge in their search for the gold!

RRP £19.99 | Age 5+ | Smyths, Argos, Amazon

Find the Treasure


Keeping with the same theme, only on a smaller scale is the Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island Treasure Hunt Figure Pack. There are 6 different playsets to collect in this twist on a blind bag. Each set will reveal, through avoiding the traps and sludging through the swamp, no less than 4 micro figures. There are 10 adventure levels to be had in this micro hunt that packs a punch. To top it off there is gold to be found too! Yes, 1 in every 24 packs has real gold hidden inside.

This is a fabulous way to add a little mystery and fun to the kids stockings this year.

RRP £5.99 | Age 5+ | Smyths, Argos, Amazon

A Little Magic


Our final pick is one for the whole family and could blow your mind!

Mind Meld is an ingenious game where you attempt to blurt out the same word as the other player. One player has a card with a word to use on and is trying to link telepathically with the other player. Points are given depending on how many attempts it takes to get the same word.

Incredibly this is absolutely possible. They key is to pick a player that you are in tune with for the best chance.

This is hilarious, great fun and something totally different to do Christmas day!

Available from Sainsbury’s for £19.99

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