Our second instalment of the Home Skincare Remedies series is here and it is a delectable treat that embodies summer and will leave you feeling absolutely wonderful, the perfect self-care for your skin. Today we are going to make a Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub and it is so easy!

What is the Scrub for?

Depending on the ingredients used in a sugar scrub, they can have quite a few uses. For the Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub we’re making today, it can be used to rid yourself of hard skin, exfoliate and leave your skin feeling wonderful, plump and nourished. You can even make a mini one just for your lips!

The Benefits of the Ingredients

vanilla coconut sugar scrub
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Coconut oil, which generally is bought as a solid, is fabulous on the skin. It is deeply nourishing and will leave the skin feeling healthier, moisturised and with a beautiful glow. It also has a whole host of other benefits including aiding the treatment of acne, reducing inflammation, helping protect from damage, reduce healing time for skin and all round leave skin healthier if used regularly.

Vanilla seems to be rarely spoken about when it comes to the benefits in skincare, despite its wide use. However, it is a little secret weapon when thinking about the damage that our skin gets from daily life. Being an antioxidant, vanilla can help protect against free radicals that cause damage and has been reported to even help reverse some of the damage inflicted. Plus it smells amazing!

Brown Sugar is known for being an exfoliator, removing the dead cells from the skin, leaving the skin looking fresh an healthy.

How to Make a Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub

You will need…

  • 162 grams Coconut Oil
  • 90 grams Brown Sugar
  • Either two drops of Vanilla Extract or a Vanilla Pod
  • An air tight container
  • A bowl to mix in
  • A wooden spoon

Simply place the coconut oil, brown sugar and either extract or pod into the bowl. If using a vanilla pod, open it with a sharp knife by scoring down the length of the pod and add the seeds to your mix by scraping them out with the knife. If you do this the day before and store the seeds in an airtight bag, you can add the pod to the sugar overnight. This is allows the vanilla to flavour the sugar more intensely, it smells incredible!

Once you have all of the ingredients in the bowl, mix together and pop into your container, that’s it!

vanilla coconut sugar scrub
Photo by Catherine Bordelon on Unsplash

Using the Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub can be part of your daily or weekly skincare routine. If you are thinking of one, then have a look at our Buildable Skincare Routine series, (in our Wellness & Self-Care section) that we have just started. This is a great way to begin giving yourself some self-care and looking after your skin.

Simply add a small amount for your face, or take more if you are scrubbing the body and massage gently into the skin in circular motions. This allows the dead cells to be stripped away by the sugar, whilst the coconut oil and the vanilla get to work nourishing the healthy skin below.

Rinse with warm water for beautiful, glowing, hydrated and deeply moisturised skin that will make you feel amazing!

Check back next week for another brilliant beauty basic that you can make from the ingredients in your home! Don’t forget to let us know on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter how you find the scrub works for you. Do you make any skincare products at home?

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