Why would you want to add a face mask to your buildable skincare routine? Face masks can be used to tackle a variety of skincare concerns. From moisturisation to exfoliation, unclogging pores to improving skin tone. There are as many reasons to use a face mask, as there are skincare challenges.

Therefore, a face mask can be a fantastic addition to your routine, whether you want to add them in on a daily basis or perhaps weekly. If you’re only just joining us, check out how to start building your skincare routine!

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The Top 5 Issues Face Masks can Tackle

As with each of the articles in this series, we are giving you the information you need to research the correct option for you. With skin and indeed skincare being such an individual topic, it would be impossible for us to direct you to your ideal. If you have a specific concern, for example blemishes, then you are a google away from being able to discover your perfect product.

Each of these challenges for skincare can be combatted with a face mask, as part of a greater regime. Hence, adding this into your buildable skincare routine. You also need to think about what is in the mask. Does the mask combat that issue? If you are making one, choosing the right ingredients is all important.


The face mask can create a barrier across the skin that helps the ingredients better penetrate the dermis. This means that moisture is more easily absorbed and locked into the skin, creating an overall better hydration experience.

Renewing Skin

Exfoliating masks help to remove the dead skin cells, leaving fresher, newer skin and providing you with a healthy glow.


If you are in search of reducing the signs of ageing, then an anti-ageing mask is a great choice. They are generally super nourishing, plump the skin which tackles those fine lines and boost hydration.

Reducing Redness and Irritation

Soothing and calming masks will contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help decrease redness and irritation.

Fighting Spots and Blemishes

Focusing on anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, these masks will actively attempt to remove the causes of spots and blemishes. They generally will soothe the skin also, leaving it feeling fresh and looking clearer.

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Top 4 Types of Face Mask

When thinking about the types of face mask, we are looking at how they are applied. There are quite a few options and here are our top 4.

Sheet Mask

A sheet mask is what you would expect, a sheet that you place over your face. They are soaked in serums, are generally extremely cooling when applied and make the experience less messy. For the most part.

Sheet masks lock in moisture, help plump the skin and can be incredibly moisturising.

Clay Mask

Clay can be incredibly beneficial to the skin. Applied to the face using your hands, the thick, creamy substance is smeared across the skin. This is slightly messy and can take a little work to remove.

Clay masks really promote the healing of the skin and are fantastic for fighting issues such as inflammation and spots.

Gel Mask

This always feels like putting hair gel on my face, however it is easier to apply and remove, than a clay mask. It can be somewhat sticky though!

Gel masks are fantastic for getting the benefits absorbed into the skin. They also tend to help when thinking about firming and tightening.

Peel Off Mask

These masks are both brilliant and slightly odd at the same time. When you pop the mask on it can feel like a loose gel. Over time as the product is absorbed into the skin, it begins to solidify, creating a film that can eventually be peeled off.

Peel Off masks promote beautiful, renewed and youthful skin. They help remove dead skin cells and leave the skin brighter and clearer than before.

Which One to Pick?

Again, this would be quite a personal choice. Decide what you want to mask to do for you and the type of mask you need. The possibilities are endless, but we have one more to add to the mix.

You can make your own! This is a great option, it can be affordable, accessible and fun, as well as giving your skin and your mind the boost they need. It has the added bonus of knowing exactly what you are putting onto your face! We made a fabulous Banana and Avocado Renewing Face Mask last week, and next week we will be making one with my personal favourite ingredient, cucumber! You can find them in our Home Skincare Remedies, along with lots more ideas.

Next time we will be looking at how adding a night cream to your daily routine can be beneficial. What products have you added to your BSR so far? We would love to hear how you are getting on, tag us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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