Dare we say it, but the weather has turned. We can actually see the sun and start thinking about brighter days. This means our thoughts invariably turn to getting outdoors and doing all the things we have missed in the winter months. We have found a fun crafting activity that is a fantastic reintroduction to getting outside and enjoying nature!

Enjoying Nature

It can be glorious to sit outside, or even sit by the window and listen to the birds singing. There is something magically uplifting about birdsong. Even better would be having the ability to watch the birds as the build nests and gather their food. This can be incredibly educational for the kids too, not to mention fantastic for mental health.

Nature has brilliant healing properties, just getting outside for a walk can make a difference to your mood. So having a little bit of nature right on your doorstep can only help boost your mental health!

Crafting for Nature


Crafting is a wonderful activity for yourself and the kids. It gives you valuable time to sit back and relax, whilst laughing and enjoying worry free time with your children. We have been sent some lovely items that will help get you crafting and enjoy nature at the same time.

Gardman have made a Bird Feeder and Bird House, both made from FSC certified timber, making them great for our little visitors and for crafting. Each of the designs come with four bright, non-toxic paints and two brushes. All you need to add is a little imagination and creativity.


There is no limit to the different designs and colourful result to your house and feeder. We created a garden themed feeder, with (reasonably) pretty flowers and bright colours to attract the birds. As well as a wonderfully creative sunny ocean theme for the feeder.

The birdhouse is perfect for sparrows to nest in, as well as great tits, with its 32mm hole. When you get your craft projects home you will see there is even a fantastic design on the inside of the sleeve. It contains images of some common garden birds which can not just be coloured in, but also used to play Bird Bingo.


Enjoy for Months to Come

The clever idea of including the bird images helps to encourage the kids to look out for which birds are using the feeder and who eventually sets up home in the birdhouse. All the information you need on keeping the items clean and cared for is included, giving you months of enjoyment.

You can get each of the designs for £7.99 from Marshalls Garden, B&Q and Amazon!.

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Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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