We are back with the second part of our how to look after your skin on a budget series. This week we are going to take a look at another product that costs very little to see if it will is worth the pennies.

Lemon & Mint Refreshing Foot Pack by Beauties Skincare

I was really excited to try this foot pack out as I suffer with really dry, hard skin on my feet and can never find anything that really helps a great deal. The added bonus of the treatment being lemon only made my anticipation that much more, I adore lemon and the benefits that it has for the skin.

Foot treatments come in all shapes and sizes, creams, scrubs, masks and boots. This particular foot pack is in the form of a pair of boots containing the treatment..

The Lemon & Mint Refreshing Foot Pack was found in Poundstretcher and cost £1.50. With it’s bright, vibrant packaging, the product is instantly eye catching and has an appeal suggesting a higher price point than the actual cost.

The Benefits of Lemon

Lemon has many benefits for your skin not least of all it can help to prevent blemishes and blackheads, which is something many of us can suffer from. Lemon is also renowned for being great at fighting the signs of aging leaving skin clear and fresh.

The Mask

The boots were folded and kept fresh being sealed in the foiled packaging. None of the liquid contained within had leaked out, as I found the boots were sealed themselves. I needed to cut along the top of the boot (the ankle area), to be able to put them on.

Once cut they were easy to apply, although the fabric inside the plastic boot did need a little prying apart, after placing them on my feet they were sealed with a little sticky tab which kept them in place, even when moving around, for the duration of the treatment.

There was a comforting aroma of lemon and mint, both working well with each other and was in no way overpowering. The treatment felt creamy and a little sticky, but was not uncomfortable.

Remaining on my feet for 20 minutes, the Lemon & Mint Refreshing Foot Pack did feel cooling and soothing whilst on. My feet were left feeling refreshed, there was still that sticky sensation until the last of the treatment has been absorbed, but not entirely unpleasant. Thee was no discernible difference in the hardness of the skin, but there was a smooth, soothed sensation that lasted for a few hours afterward.

Was It Worth It?

I think that the Lemon & Mint Refreshing Foot Pack was worth the £1.50 if you are perhaps having a pamper session, or as a little treat for yourself. I would not say it made much of an impact with regards to softening the feet..

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