The penultimate week for our short series about how to look after your skin on a budget is here. This week we are looking at product which is not strictly for your skin, but it’s been included as we did find a benefit to a part of our skin that we do not always think about!

Coconut Hair Mask by beautysave

look after your skin

This mask is for the hair, it does say that it is suitable for all hair types, but is specifically for dry damaged hair. Although this is not technically skincare, this mask had an affect on my scalp and so I thought it worthy of a mention in this mini series, I purchased it in Poundstretcher and it cost £1.50.

The Benefits of Coconut

look after your skin
Photo by Shibi Zidhick on Unsplash

Coconut is another fantastic ingredient to look for in skin and hair care products. To be honest, the full range of benefits would need their very own article with benefits such as moisturising, anti-aging properties, aids dry and oily skin, helps to treat damaged hair and even benefits your blood circulation and cholesterol when eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet.

The Hair Mask

The subtle, yet undeniable scent of coconut emanated from the packaging as soon as it was opened. I personally find the smell of coconut comforting, it reminds me of healthy skin, holidays and happy days.

I did not check the back of the product until I had opened it, and so I was expecting this to bee some kind of conditioner that I would apply and leave on the hair for twenty minutes or so. Obviously, I was surprised to find the mask was contained within a handy head covering (that did need to be cut open with some scissors),that my hair was popped into and then secured on my head with an adhesive strip.

This was pretty simple to do, although a little fiddly, I would suggest the head upside down method to make it easier. Once on, I massaged the mask into my hair, meaning I got none of the conditioner on my hands. This was quite a relaxing process and in may ways soothing, which is always great when thinking about our self care.

It was slightly irritating (and I am nit picking here) that this hair mask was the needing the hair washed and towel dried before applying and then needed a further rinse after. This was simply because I wasn’t relaxing in the bath when I used it, had I been this would have been no issue at all.

Whilst on there wasn’t any real sense of any effects, but after the mask was rinsed and my hair towel dried again, I noticed my hair did feel nourished and moisturised. The real test was when it had dried. I have reasonably frizzy hair the majority of the time and as my hair dried naturally I saw a marked difference in this, My hair seemed smoother and more manageable, but my scalp also felt better, it felt totally nourished.

I was pleasantly surprised at how my whole head seemed soothed and hydrated, my hair somewhat more tamed and softer without needing any additional styling or treatments.

Was It Worth It?

I would certainly recommend the Coconut Hair Mask, it easily compared with more expensive treatments that can be bought and is a welcome addition to my weekly skin and hair care routine, even more so with it only costing £1.50!

Keep an eye out at the end of our How To Look After Your Skin on A Budget series, including How To Look After Your Skin on a Budget 1, How To Look After Your Skin on A Budget 2, How To Look After Your Skin on a Budget 3, as we have a competition coming up featuring the products that we take a look at, so make sure to follow our social media channels and check our Self-Care section for the rest of this series.

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