We have reached the final week of our How To Look After Your Skin on a Budget series. We have been lucky enough to find some incredible treatments that are not only good for your skin, but affordable options and this week is no different.

Antioxidant Green Tea Essence Mask by Beauugreen

Another offering from the Korean Beauty brand BeauuGreen, is this green teas mask to help enrich the skin, soothe and calm the skin as well as nourish and moisturise.

look after your skin
Photo by Matcha & CO on Unsplash

When it comes to the skin, green tea is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. This means that it helps to reduce the damage and stress caused by oxidation, soothing and calming skin that has been damaged by the environment.

The Mask

When the mask was opened there was a slightly flowery scent, it was not particularly strong and I found it quite pleasant. It had been sealed in foiled packaging, much like the previous BeauuGreen masks we have looked at, and was soaked in the treatment leaving plenty of excess in the packet once removed. This was done being careful not to drip it on clothing or furniture and placed over the face, the mask adhering with ease to every little bump and groove.

This time the mask did feel cooling to the touch, but seemed slightly more wet that the previous ones that we’ve seen in previous weeks. Also, I did find that this particular mask had a stickier residue compared to the other two. This was not something that lasted for long, but was noticeable whilst applied and shortly after it had been removed.

As previous explained, I have skin that is dry and temperamental, I routinely suffer with random patches of red skin that can be itchy and uncomfortable. I found that the Green Tea Essence Mask soothed my skin and left it feeling calm and revitalised. My skin was clear and even, feeling smooth to the touch and nourished.

Was it Worth it?

Definitely! Another fantastic budget find that can added to my weekly routine at a reasonable and affordable price. I found the mask to me relaxing and felt not just refreshed where my skin was concerned, but my brain had a little happy boost too!

This is the end of our How To Look After Your Skin on A Budget series. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles including How To Look After Your Skin on a Budget 1How To Look After Your Skin on A Budget 2How To Look After Your Skin on a Budget 3 and How to Look After Your Skin on a Budget 4.

We are launching our competition today we are giving away a set containing each of the products we have reviewed over the last five weeks. To be in with a chance all you need to do is follow us on one of our TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook or Twitter , and leave us a comment here telling us your go to budget skincare product. Don’t forget to mention where you are following us! The competition ends 13th August 2023 and is open to UK entrants only who are over 18.

Next week we are beginning a new mini series all about skin care products that you can make at home with basic supplies you may already have in the cupboard or fridge! Keep an eye on our Self-Care section for that and much more.

About Author

Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.


  1. avatar
    Brendan Payne says:

    Love all of it

    1. avatar


      1. avatar
        Susan Taylor says:

        I have always loved Nivea moisturiser, following on Facebook.

        1. avatar

          Me too! I have a night cream that I swear by from Nivea. It is so nourishing!

    2. avatar
      Laura Tucker says:

      My go to is the body shop, following on instagram.

      1. avatar

        The Body Shop has some nice items. Not used their skincare before though, mostly a go to for hair products!

  2. avatar
    Natalie Burgess says:

    I love this xx

  3. avatar
    Jacob T says:

    Skin carries stress. Conquer stress and you conquer so much with it.

  4. avatar
    Margaret Gallagher says:

    Superdrug facial skincare range especially the Cleanser- really works

    1. avatar

      Thank you! We will have to check that out!

  5. avatar
    Mandy DOHERTY says:

    Simple Moisturising Facial Wash I find it suits my mature skin

    1. avatar

      I love Simple products, they are fantastic for sensitive skin too!

  6. avatar
    Maya Russell says:

    Vaseline is my all time budget skin care product which is fabulous for patches of dry skin, a lip salve and general all round skin softener.

    1. avatar

      There is some great vaseline products, we have them in our house too!

  7. avatar
    Maya Russell says:

    X is @maisietoo (to add)

  8. avatar
    Lorraine says:

    I use simple moisturiser it works well
    With my skin. I followed on TikTok

    1. avatar

      Simple have such a lovely range of products, particularly for sensitive skin!

  9. avatar
    Sally Collingwood says:

    Following on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook andTwitter.
    It make sense that Green Tea would be good for our skin because it is good for our insides! I like the Weleda products, they are very moisturising and my skin is very dry.

    1. avatar

      Yes! Green Tea is fantastic all around. I don’t think any of the team use Weleda, we will have to check them out!

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    Carol Jai Thomasv says:

    My go to budget skin care is CeraVe cleanser, moisturiser, face cream and eyecream.

    I make my own toner. It’s only two ingredients of rosewater and distilled water. You can a drink of pil in it if you wish.

    I used to use high end skin products. I had to change to very gentle products because I starting using a tretnoin prescription based anti aging cream..

    CeraVe was recommended. I would not go back to my others now

    I’m following on Twitter, Threads, Instagram, Tiktox and Facebook. Facebook is the name that will show on here.

    I love this writing style you have set up for your blog too

    1. avatar

      I’ve not heard of that before, I will definitely have a look.
      Rosewater is amazing, I used to have rosewater in all my skincare products! I may have to try the toner, we have a series about home made remedies!
      Thank you, for your kind words!

  11. avatar
    Carol Jai Thomasv says:

    Above that should say “a drop of oil” not what it says, in second paragraph down

  12. avatar
    Valerie Seal says:

    I have aged skin and my favourite if the moment is Revitalift. I have followed on Threads

    1. avatar

      I have heard great things about Revitalift, not tried it myself though.

  13. avatar
    Allan Fullarton says:

    Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

    1. avatar

      Yes, I love Simple products they are wonderful for sensitive skin!

  14. avatar
    Charmian Filewood says:

    I like trying new things, but I also know at the same time that my skin really loves the Simple range of skin care

    1. avatar

      I absolutely understand that. My skin is sensitive so trying out new products can be an issue. Simple has a fantastic range and their products are always in my bathroom!

  15. avatar
    Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    Simple Moisturising Facial Wash easy to use great value

    1. avatar

      Simple seem to be a really popular brand, one I use myself. They are fantastic for sensitive skin!

  16. avatar
    Sheri Darby says:

    I love Aldi night cream

    1. avatar

      I’ve actually heard quite a few great things about Aldi products!

  17. avatar
    Julie Camm says:

    You can’t beat Simple products for quality and price. Following on Instagram (@poppyjoey)

    1. avatar

      Simple is definitely a winner with our readers!

  18. avatar
    Diane Wood says:

    My budget skincare product is coconut oil as it has so many uses!
    Following on Instagram as @dianenotherday

    1. avatar

      It really is so versatile!

  19. avatar
    Alexandra says:

    In all honesty. Suncream! I put suncream on my face and neck everyday.
    I do love carbon theory facial wash, which has charcoal and tea tree oil. Both ingredients I love . Following on Facebook:)

    1. avatar

      Suncream is totally workable! What a fantastic idea to use it! Ohh I am a fan of charcoal too!

  20. avatar
    fiona d says:

    My absolute must have is Simple facial wipes, my 13 year old son has severe learning difficulties, he is prone to spots and doesn’t have that much patience for skincare. Each evening during his bedtime routine we use a wipe each to clear the day away. I love Simple products & I usually get these when they are on offer too.
    Following you on twitter @fdrinkell

    1. avatar

      That is a fantastic way to incorporate the routine for your son. I love the facial wipes also, Simple is such a fantastic brand!

  21. avatar
    Nats says:

    I love to use Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash.
    Following on Instagram.

    1. avatar

      I’ve not heard of them before, will have to check them out!

  22. avatar
    Mark Williams says:

    Nivea products for me!

    1. avatar

      Nivea are amazing!

  23. avatar
    Violet Phillippo says:

    I always try and have a big tub of the Nivea moisturiser with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil around the house as it helps to rescue my dry skin! I followed on Instagram (@violetphillippo).

    1. avatar

      Vitamin E is brilliant! Love Nivea.

  24. avatar
    Adrian Bold says:

    Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

    1. avatar

      Simple are definitely out in front with the recommendations!

  25. avatar
    Leah Tonna says:

    Cien Q10 Night & Day Creams from Lidl.

    1. avatar

      Some of Lidl’s products are incredible!

  26. avatar
    Margaret Norvell says:

    Interesting article with lots of good ideas. I look forward to trying some of the products

  27. avatar
    Tessa Page says:

    Weleda skin food is so nourishing for my dry skin. Lasts for ever because it is wonderfully rich. Following on Insta and Facebook.

    1. avatar

      That is always a bonus when they go a long way! Nivea night cream is the same!

  28. avatar
    Rebecca Beesley says:

    I use olay moisturiser as a simple no-nonsense ‘go-to’ and it is their basic product rather than any of the fancy new ones so it is a budget option too. Following on Twitter.

  29. avatar
    Christine Temlett says:

    Sounds fantastic would love to try it!

  30. avatar
    Natalie Crossan says:

    I love trying new products but my go to is always blue lid Nivea!

    1. avatar

      Yes, they are fantastic for nourishing the skin!

  31. avatar

    Our winner is Maya Russell!! Well done Maya and thank you everyone for entering! Don’t forget our other competitions we have running, and there is a HUGE one launching very soon!

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