We think that it is truly magical walking into the front room with a lit tree and room covered in decorations. are the days of the shiny decs that were hung from the ceiling and every other available space. There was something about that smell, those particular Christmas decorations had though, and wonder of a room smothered in them. Today we are going to have a look at ideas for making some decorations with the children at home. This can be a wonderful activity that leaves you all full of joyful memories, laughter and hopefully a little more relaxed.

Paper Chains


So satisfying and easy to make, paper chains are something anyone can do. You can buy kits for this that make it even easier and they are quite cheap, but all you need is scissors, paper and glue.

Simply cut colourful paper into strips. You can use any paper at all such as sugar paper, printer paper, even newspaper or wrapping paper. Once you have a bunch of strips take one. Pop a little glue on the end and stick it to the the other. Now you have one chain. Take a second strip and thread it through the first ring. Now stick the ends together and hey presto, a two link chain is made.

Keep going to your hearts content, make your chains as long or short as you need and then decorate the tree or walls. You could try other forms of chains too – crochet, popcorn, pompoms and much more.

Christmas Themed Handprint Pictures

Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash

A fun messy activity that could become a tradition, handprint pictures are super fun. The world is your oyster with this and you don’t need to use paint.. If you prefer you can draw around the hands.

First you need to create a handprint with paint, or as explained draw around the hand. Next comes a little imagination. Take a look at the handprint, think festive and decide what you could turn it into. Spin it upside down and you could have four snowmen in a Christmas scene, using the thumb as part of the hill on which they stand. Or maybe a beautiful snow covered forest is more to your liking, turning fingers into trees. If you keep the fingers pointing down then how about a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh?

Once you have decided it is time to finish your masterpieces for some fabulously festive wall art.

Paper Snowflakes

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you have white paper and scissors then you are set for making paper snowflakes. Cut some circles from the paper depending on how bog you’d like your snowflakes to be.

Each circle needs to be folded evenly at least two times, but you can fold more if you think you can still cut through the folds. Now comes the fun part. You need to cut little nicks and shapes from the edges of the paper. These will end up being the intricate series of holes you see in magnified flakes. Remember, each snowflake is unique so there is no need to be precise. When you have finished, open up the folded paper carefully and flatten. You now have a beautiful snowflake to pop on the tree or create a pictures with. Perhaps you could chain them together?

Christmas Tree Decorations

Photo by Nick on Unsplash

The only limit here is your imagination. We live in an age where there is a kit for anything and this year there is an abundance of decoration kits about. You don’t need one though, a quick internet search could fill your mind with festive ideas that use items you have at home.

Use pompoms, googly eyes and felt or stickers, to make Santa’s face, reindeer heads and snowmen. Paint thick card shapes and attach a string for other hanging decorations. Grab some air dry clay and design snowmen and robins, presents and mini trees.

There really is nothing to stop you from having a fun afternoon crafting with the little ones and adorning your house with masterpieces. You will be able to find all manner of crafting ideas this year on The Wonderment. Don’t forget to join the conversation over on social media too. You can find us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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