Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday is one that the kids definitely love! Rooted in the history of Christianity, people would use up all of the rich expensive food they had in their cupboards, in preperation for lent. In return we get a fabukous day of deliciousness in the form of pancakes. However, that can fill us with dread, because pancakes can be a little tricky at times.

What Kind of Pancakes?

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Pancake Day can be a lot of fun and it is super easy to get the kids involved. However, gone are the days of the standard crepe being served up, we have choices when it comes to our pancakes now, but which to pick?

Of course we will begin with the regular crepe, the floppy pancake we have all had at one time or another. Light, large and lovely, they are always a winner. They can be a little tricky though when it comes to tossing and flipping!

Next up we have American Pancakes. These ar favourites in our house, denser, smaller fluffy pancakes that can be stacked and easily reheated in the toaster!

Our final pick is an out of the box choice and one that requires a little more dedication and time. Japanese Pancakes are super thick, extremely fluffy and just melt in your mouth!

Recipes for the Perfect Pancake

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There are a million and one different recipes out there to choose from. Rather than writing our own, we wanted to share with you some links to one of our favourite sites when it comes to finding recipes. The BBC Food website is packed with thousands of incredible, tried and tested recipes. They never seem to fail.

For your normal, everyday pancakes we have chose this briliant recipe by Delia Smith.

If you prefer American pancakes then we have you covered with this recipe by Louisa Carter.

Finally, delicous Japanese Pancakes by Lulu Grimes.

Just remember, the first one always comes out rubbish, you’re just warming up!

What to Top Your Pancake With

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This must be the best part, what to top the pancakes with! Many will go the route of our childhoods and stick with some fresh lemon and sugar, but there are so many options now you can push the boat out.

Of course, Maple Syrup is up there as a topping of choice too, probably my favourite pick! However, you can also have ice cream, fresh cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit, Nutella and even peanut butter! It’s all about indulgence and what gets your taste buds excited.

When it comes to the kids there are also many ways to decorate the pancakes you serve up, or even get them to. Design a silly face with fruit and whipped cream for example. The possibilities are endless.

Have Fun!

This is all about good food and lots of fun, so enjoy your Pancakes, whether it’s by yourself, with the kids, friends or a partner.

We have plenty of recipes and fun ideas for spending time with the kids on The Wonderment. What is your favourite pancake topping? Let us know over on our social media channels, you can find us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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