Christmas very often is a time of excess. Food, presents, drink and fun. Along with the presents though comes a mountain of wrapping paper. We also have cards scattered throughout the house. Most of the time this all ends up in the recycling or the bin. However there are some other things that you could try this year, to get more use out of the pretty packaging and beautiful cards.

Save the Paper to Wrap Next Year

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If you are able to, this is a great idea. Of course, with children the excitement can be just too much and the paper ends up ripped into a million pieces.

Being able to salvage wrapping paper is also dependant on the person who has wrapped it! It’s not just paper that can be squirrelled away though, gift box and gift bags are also great to reuse.

Turn Christmas Wrap into Gift Cards

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This is a lovely idea and activity that you can sit down with the kids to do. It won’t matter if the paper is ripped or even screwed up. All you need is some card, glue and possibly scissors depending on the final look you are going for.

Fold your card in half and then glue scraps of the wrapping paper to the front. Create a collage, design Christmas scenes or cover the whole area. Hey presto! You have some cards ready for next year.

Use Cards & Paper to Make Gift Tags

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A great way to recycle Christmas cards is to cut them into fancy gift tags for your presents next year. This is super easy and can again be something you do with the children.

A pair of scissor and a hole punch is all that you need to get started. You could even use left over wrapping paper to cover the parts of the card people write on and make even more tags.

Create A Memory of This Christmas

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This is probably the most delightful idea and could easily become a Christmas tradition. There is no limit either to the bits of Christmas waste you can utilise to make something that will last for a lifetime.

Using Christmas wrapping paper, cards, gift tags, photos and more, you can create a collage to be framed, or start a scrapbook to fill with your Christmas memories each year.

Use the paper to creating backing patterns, frame pictures or even as a special reminder of something. Cards can be cut to add decoration such as trees, lovely words or even cute animals.

Whatever you decide to do with your Christmas packaging and wrapping left overs, you are sure to have a fun time doing it. It is also great for your mental health, spending time with your children, getting your imagination (and theirs) flowing with ideas, not to mention just enjoying yourself!

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