We have been trying to assist you in finding the most wonderful gifts this year. This is our way of hopefully easing the stress and worry a little. Giving you some lovely ideas on what to give your loved ones, or indeed may want yourself.

Today we are taking a look at some gifts that would bring happiness to you and help make your home feel wonderful.

Readly Incredible Gift

That’s not a typo, we were trying to be funny. Readly is an amazing gift you can give almost anyone this year, including yourself. Apps seem like a odd choice for presents, but this one is worth it. It’s not uncommon for people to receive magazine subscriptions as gifts. Well, Readly is just that but it packs a punch because you aren’t gifting one magazine, more like over 7000!

Easy to set up and indeed use, this is a gift that truly keeps giving. We’ve been reading magazines we wouldn’t have considered buying. Flicking through food and drink mags for Christmas inspiration (Taste of Home is fantastic). Checking out the Craft & DIY sections for ones with festive makes (Crochet Now has some fun ideas). We even had a sneak peek at some home magazines.

The beauty of the subscription is that you will always find something different to read, including a collection of Disney magazines. Readly also offers newspapers and podcasts, which can all be downloaded if you are off on your travels for the holidays. It also boasts five profiles for each account, meaning it can be shared with everyone at home. There are a whole host of kids titles, ones suited to teens and educational offerings.

Readly really is a lovely idea and a perfect gift for the whole family. We love the ease in using the app. It genuinely is just like flicking through your favourite magazine, just with a swipe of your finger instead. There is so much choice, a vast array of interests and nothing is lost in the switch from print to digital.

You can subscribe from £9.99 per month and they have a range of Christmas GiftCards available for 3, 6 and 12 months, starting at £28.47

Bringing the Joy

Jewellery is something many of us enjoy receiving and giving. Hey Happiness is a lovely company with some beautifully stunning jewellery on offer. Their aim as a company is much like our own, to make the world a better place by spread happiness. Giving happiness in gifts is exactly what we all need.

With affordable, high quality pieces full of character, you could be forgiven for spending hours browsing. The jewellery comes in silver, gold and rose gold, the website is easy to navigate and we just adore the designs.


One of our favourite picks have to be the quirky, yet adorable Cactus Hoop Earrings. They are currently in a deal with 50% off, making them only £12.00! They are so sweet and perfect for the person in your life who adores these prickly plants.


We are also enamoured with the sets available on Hey Happiness. There are earring, necklace and bracelet sets, as well as layered sets and that is our next pick. Stunning and elegant, the Layering Necklaces Stars and Moon collection is gorgeous. You are able to wear them individually or together for a versatile, sophisticated look. This particular set is £60.

Hey Happiness have a beautiful array of jewellery, with gifts to suit young and old.

Refreshing Comfort


Walking into a room that smells incredible can have a wonderful affect on your mood. When it comes to Christmas achieving that aroma can create comfort, so finding a gorgeous room spray can make a huge difference. Your home deserves a little gift too!

Arran have a range of exciting room sprays that depart from the traditional scents. We adore in particular the Ultimate Fig Room Spray. As you may expect fig features heavily in this balanced and refreshing spray. It also has sweet cassis, green leaf and woody cedar. The cedar combined with the fig is warming, whilst the sweet cassis and green leaf lift the scent, making this bright and fresh.

The Ultimate Fig Room Spray is available from Arran for £20. They have a whole range of sprays, so if fig isn’t your thing, you are sure to find one that is.

Luxurious Cosy Comfort


Wax melts are a fabulous way to infuse a beautiful aroma into your home, lift your mood and bring that feeling of comfort to you. Ava May Aromas has gone a step further with their collection of disc, adding an air of luxury and elegance.

A great way to give the different scents a go and find your favourite, is by getting the Wax Melt Disc Dupe Sample Box. Not only is the packaging perfect for gifting, the set contains 10 of their most popular aromas. This includes Alien, Black Orchid, Dark Opium, English Pear & Freesia, Life is Beautiful, Linen Fresh, Sanctuary Spa, Sea Shells, Spring Awakening, Velvet Rose & Oud.

We have our top picks from the selection with Sea Shells and Alien coming in first, closely followed by Life is Beautiful. Each disc is vastly different from the next, giving you a variety to try and fall in love with.

All of the wax melts from Ava May Aromas are cruelty free and hand poured. The Wax Melt Disc Dupe Sample Box is £30.

Blooming Wonderful Scent for You

As much as filling your home with wonderous aromas is incredible, we do have to leave the house too. So, what better way to bring a little happiness and joy than to spritz yourself with an amazing scent.

We have to be honest and say this year we have a favourite perfume and hope it will be under our tree! It is none other than, Gucci Bloom. This Eau de Toilette is such a beautifully delicate offering from Gucci. It is packed with stunning florals for a simply bright, uplifting and sensual experience. Including Tuberose, Rangoon Creeper and Jasmine Buds it gives you happy wafts of elegance throughout the day.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys floral bouquets and a touch of luxury and sophistication from their perfume! If this particular one doesn’t appeal check out the rest of the Gucci Bloom range to find the scent perfect for your loved one this Christmas!

Available from Perfume Direct for £76

You will be able to find all manner of gifting ideas this year on The Wonderment throughout December. Don’t forget to join the conversation over on social media too. You can find us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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