December can be a stressful time, but it is full of festive fun and happy vibes too. We hope to ease the stress and worry of picking out calendars for the family, by showcasing a few for you here. Yes, it is time for Christmas Advent Calendars, but ones with a twist!

Swizzels Sweet Shop


We adore the Swizzels Sweet Shop Advent Calendar and think it will be a perfect pick for the Christmas Countdown. This calendar is full of old fashioned charm, with a modern twist. Designed like a old sweet shop, each door hides behind it a fabulous surprise. Sweets! Not just any sweets, the much loved favourites from our childhood.

Whether this is for a child or for yourself, the Sweet Shop is sure to be a big hit. Featuring Refreshers, Love Hearts, Stingers, Fizzers, Drumsticks, Banana Skids, Snap Crackles and Parma Violets, there is something to please everyone.

Once Christmas Day arrives and all of the sweets have been lovingly devoured, the box still has appeal. With some fabulous colouring pictures on the reverse and a fun ‘Hide & Seek’ game.

Available from online and in store retailers, Swizzels Sweet Shop is priced from £5.

Haribo Advent Tree


Kids and grown ups love them so! Yes, Haribo have a fabulous advent calendar this year that have use excited. The Haribo Advent Tree!

You might think this is a box with a tree image and doors to open. You’d be wrong. In fact this Christmas countdown is certainly different as you need to actually build the tree! Yes, you read that right. When you open the Haribo themed box, which the kids will love, you are met with some easy instructions and the parts. This includes the tree and 24 mini bags of Haribo favourites, including Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix, and Giant Strawbs.

There is no need to panic though, the tree is easy to assemble and there is even a video you can watch if needs be. You can find a tutorial on how to build your own here. Once you’ve made your delightful tree, you can adorn it with the mini bags and wait for the 1st of December!

Available from HARIBO retail stores, Asda, B&M, The Range, and other high street retailers for £6

Maoam Chewmendous NYE Countdown


Not just for Christmas, the Maoam Advent Calendar keeps on giving all the way to the new year! A fabulous take on the standard 24 door offerings, that’s an extra week of delicious sweets.

The chunky calendar is bright and cheerful, full of festive fun. Featuring a bold Christmas scene inside, it will definitely have the kids excited to open those doors. Not least of all because of the family favourite treats behind them.

Packed with Stripes, Stripes Sours, Bloxx and Pinballs, the kids will be chewing their way to Christmas, and indeed New Year’s Day.

Available from HARIBO retail stores, Asda, Sainsbury’s, B&M, and other high street retailers. for £8

Vista Print

This final offering we have today is definitely an Advent Calendar with a twist. Not only is the calendar filled with yummy chocolate treats behind each and every door. It also boasts a rather unusual design. Your very own!

Yes, this year Vista Print are offering personalised advent calendars. So, the world is your oyster when it comes to the overall design that sits on your mantle piece. You could pick an image of a cherished Christmas memory, photos of loved ones or pets, even pictures that your little ones have drawn.

The design process is super simple. You pick whether you want an A5 calendar or standard size, choose milk or vegan chocolates, orientation and how many you’d like. From there all you need to do is upload your chosen image, edit any text and make adjustments, then checkout.

The Personalised Advent Calendar is priced from £19.96 (plus postage) and is available from VistaPrint

You will be able to find lots of exciting gift ideas and other fun activities throughout December on The Wonderment!

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