It seems that when Christmas rolls around there is so much choice for presents that it can be a tough decision on what to get. Likewise the prices of some gifts can mount up pretty quickly. We all want to give our kids the experience of those awe inspiring surprises, the things they asked Santa for and that feeling of pure magic.

This year, like the last few years, one of the top requested picks for little girls is L.O.L. Surprise! They seemingly came out of nowhere and took the world by storm with their quirky dolls full of character and sass. Now they have a huge range, but we have tried to take the difficulty out of choosing by finding some exciting, affordable toys from the collection.

Magic Flyers


This is something that will delight and enthral the girls in your life. Even as adults we are impressed. Arriving in a gorgeous bottle, this L.O.L. Surprise! is truly magnificent.

Once out of the packaging the bottle seems pretty but unassuming. However, one tap to the front where the logo is and the bottle springs to life. It begins to rock and gently lights up, another tap and again more rocking. There must be something inside wanting to get out. A final tap producing a little more rocking and the top of the bottle pops open.

Inside is your brand new L.O.L. Surprise! Magic Flyer doll. There are three to collect: Sweetie Fly, Sky Starling and Flutter Star. Each are adorable in their own way in varying colours and sparkles.


Of course the fun is yet to really start, because these little dolls actually fly! Yes, as they ascend into the air, your little one (and probably you if we’re honest), can control her by gently moving your hands beneath the doll. This will provide hours of enjoyment, taking dolls to the next level.

The Magic Flyer comes with batteries and is rechargeable. We recommend taking it out of the packaging and ensuring it is charged before Christmas morning, so your young lady can get right to the joy! As with any toy like this, we do want to say that it should not be played with near open flames, or indeed long hair, just in case.

The L.O.L Surprise! Magic Flyer is available from Smyths Toys for £27.99 (at time of writing).

Tweens Surprise Swap Buns 2 Braids Bailey


Next up we have a doll with a literal twist. Tweens Surprise Swap dolls can swap their heads for a different look, hairstyle and make up. An innovative idea, this means more inspiration for the imagination when playing.


We really like Buns 2 Braids Bailey. The packaging doubles as dressing room, Bailey getting ready for an exciting event. She is chic and fashionable, her outfit like that of a pop star. Her long hair in messy buns, lilac with purple and hot pink streaks. However she can change that look in an instant and suddenly be adorned with long flowing locks of bright orange, pastel orange and hot pink.

Bailey loves to sing and write poetry, so we are sure she is getting ready to perform. Just as well she has everything she needs included. Coming with 9 accessories, everything your little one needs to style Bailey’s hair is on hand.

A lovely surprise for any girl this Christmas, the L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens Surprise Swap is available from Smyths Toys for £16.99 (at time of writing, usual price is £29.99)

Surprise Tot Swap Doll Ball


We can finish without mentioning a stocking filler that is packed with surprises. Blind bags have been around for decades, but now they have a lot more to offer. L.O.L. Surprise! have some wonderful offerings when it comes to these balls of joy.

Inside this particular ball is one of the Tot Swap dolls. There are 8 to collect in total and they each have a secret. When one of the layers in the surprise ball are revealed, you will find a face that can be swapped with your dolls. However, to discover the face you need to develop it in just a little water! Adding to the exciting of unwrapping.

The are a total of 9 accessories to be found when opening this toy, as well as the doll. Its a fantastic stocking filler which surprises you to more you unwrap!

The Surprise Tot Swap Doll is available from Smyths Toys for £9.99.

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