It is wonderful when you open your presents Christmas morning and find a gift that has been made for you. There is something so special about the act of handcrafting a present, thinking about the person it’s for, their likes and dislikes. The idea that a loved one has spent time and put effort into creating a gift just for you is simply magical.

We have a few ideas for easy crafts you could try to make a gift right from your heart.


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Candle making is an extremely accessible hobby these days and can be reasonably inexpensive. There is a multitube of gifts available in shops and online that allow you to make candles from scratch. Most of the kits have everything you need included, so you can get started straight away.

Candles are a lovely gift and can be personalised in so many ways from scents to design.


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Another fantastic option is making jewellery for a loved one. Jewellery comes in many forms and is not limited to earring and necklaces. The personalisation is infinite from the stones you choose, including names or messages, the design and colours.

If you do a quick online search you will find kits for every type of jewellery you can imagine. Many of them include all of the tools, findings and stones, wire or cord. You can get themed kits, or ones where you take the lead. Coming with detailed instructions and with a variety of video tutorials online, this can be a winner when it comes to making a gift for that special someone.


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Coming in many forms, art is a wonderful way to show someone you care. Whether you enjoy painting, drawing or creating models, you are sure to find a way to create a masterpiece.

We have found there are lots of kits available to get you started on your new artistic hobby. Perhaps if new to painting you could try Paint by Numbers, or fancy making some models? Grab an air dry clay kits and get making.


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Many people think that poetry is something you need to know how to do in a specific way. That is simply not true. A poem can be made up of any words from the heart. There are no hard and fast rules, unless you chose there to be.

Take a look at some examples of poetry available online. There are poems that rhyme, ones that have set stanzas, or a certain amount of lines. However, there are also those that are just free verse. Write what you feel, let the words flow and see what you come up with.

Poems can be framed and gifted, added to a page in a journal or written in a card. Its a gift that will be cherished.


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You can not go wrong with food. Christmas is the perfect time for trying your hand at baking or preserving and there is so many ways that you can turn food into gifts.

You could make marzipan sweets, coconut ice or fudge and package them up in pretty boxes or a piping bag tied with ribbon. Preserving pickles, curds and sauces is another lovely activity that can result in incredible gifts. Simply find a recipe, get some pretty jars and off you go.

Just make sure that you always include a recipe list when giving food as a gift, just in case the recipient has allergies.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination in gear and think of some wonderful ways you can make an incredible present for someone you care deeply about. All of the activities can be done with the children too, meaning they can create some truly inspiring masterpieces this year.

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