We are so close to that spooky night when the ghouls and ghosts come out to play. Of course, it’s not only the fiends that want to have fun, Halloween is most definitely a favourite for many children. Keeping them occupied, particularly if you aren’t Trick or Treating, can be stressful. We have therefore scoured the lands and risked life and limb to bring you some wicked treats. No matter your little one’s age, we have some incredibly icky and frankly freaky offerings to make the evening go off with a scream.

Try Not To Die – Ghostland


For the old children, (and adults), here is a fantastically frightful book, one to while away All Hallows Eve, if you dare.

By Duncan Ralston and Mark Tullius, Ghostland puts events in your hands. Every single decision you make is vital. And, decisions are what this book is about. Make the wrong one and it could lead to your (character’s) untimely death, as this is a choose your own adventure book.

Ghostland is a new kind of theme park, where the main attractions are ghosts. Ghosts are trapped around the park and guests can come face to face with them. Lucy and her friends thought this would be an exciting trip, thrills and adrenaline. However, when a technical glitch cause the ghosts to be freed, all hell breaks loose. Literally.

The ghosts aren’t like Casper, they are angry and confused, they want revenge and it is up to you to save yourself and your friends. If you dare.

Exciting and filled with twists, the reader is in control. Do you wait for help or climb into a hole? Will that decision cost you your life? Over 24 ways for you to meet your untimely end, but just one meets survival. This is a thrilling treat to read and will have your older kids captivated.

TNTD Ghostland by Mark Tullius and Duncan Ralston

Who Killed Mia?


Possibly one of our favourite picks for Halloween, Who Killed Mia? is perfect for a night of killer thrills. Again, this is for the older among us as Who Killed Mia? is a murder mystery with a digital age upgrade.

If you’ve played games like these before, be prepared to be surprised. The murder of Mia Star, a young, beautiful influencer, takes place during a livestream! Its brutal and millions have watched it, whilst the police have someone in custody, is it the right person? You are brought on to solve the case.

With just three days it is up to you to find out who murdered the starlet and why. Are you up for the task? To help you, you have the livestream footage and then three envelopes of evidence. Nothing should be discounted, everything is vital to solving this horrific crime.

This game can be played on your own or with friends and could take from around an hour to solve. It is great fun and providing you pay attention to the evidence, it is not that difficult to solve. If you do get stuck though there are hints to point you in the right direction.

One of the ways we love to spend the evening, this murder mystery would be an incredible addition to your Halloween festivities.

RRP £29.99/ Age 17+/ MenKind, GAME, HMV, Urban Outfitters, Amazon

5 Surprise Mega Gross Minis


We are more than a little bit excited at sharing these with you. They are brilliant and perfect for the younger kids in your family. The grown ups too!

Mega Gross Minis are just that, gross little offerings of all the things we love in daily life, but with a disgusting twist. Coming in a plastic ball, they are unassuming, but as you unwrap this surprise you are met with three horrible miniatures, a sticker and some gooey slime.

When we opened our balls we found a Snotverse trainer oozing with snot and bugs, a toxic Deadbull can overspilling with toxic slime and a rat infested carton of milk. In our second ball we discovered Gassco Sauce, Scumballs Soup can and a Toxic Glow Rare snotty skateboard. Each disgusting in their own right, these miniatures filled our junior reporters with glee!

There are 36 minis to collect, including the Toxic Glow Rares and 2 Stinky Rares Suitable for ages 3 and over, you can pick yours up from Smyths and The Entertainer now, for just £6.99

Crocodile Creek Skeleton Holographic Puzzle


We must not forget the littlest of our families when it comes to Halloween. It can be tough finding fun, exciting things to do with them that have just the right amount of spooky. We think we have found something great though.

This lovely puzzle, is not just Halloween themed, but simply adorable. Brightly coloured with a quirky skeleton image, it has just enough creepy to thrill. Festively themed with lots of trick or treat sweets dotted about the reflective surface, this puzzle with have the little ones excited to sit down and get puzzling.

It is not overly challenging with just 50 pieces, but will get their brains thinking. Some of the pieces can be a little harder to place making this fun, yet not straight forward.

Whether you are looking for an activity to keep the kids entertained, a gift for a party or just a Halloween treat, the Crocodile Creek Skeleton Holographic Puzzle will fit the bill for the kids.

Suitable for ages 4+, you can get this puzzle from HippyChick for £8.00

Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island


Staying in can sometimes be the best thing to do for your family on Halloween. What else can be done at home? Plenty, but we found this incredible playset that will keep the little ones busy this Halloween.

Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island is a playset with a twist. Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom crossed with a spooky castle, you’d be on your way.

The playset is set in an impressive skull that features mysterious blue gem eyes and menacing expression. Inside holds the key to an evening of fun and dastardly disasters on your quest to find the gold idol hidden within. A good idea is to set this all up before you give it to the kids.

With five figures to uncover, one of which literally holds the key to finding the treasure, you’d think that would be enough to keep them busy. There’s more. Inside Skull Island are various traps and puzzles to solve. Each one a new clue to the ultimate prize and holds a surprise. This is hours of fun, even after the prize has been found, all traps and puzzles can be reset.

The treasure is one to impress the kids too, a baseball cap wearing skull dipped in REAL gold! We thoroughly enjoyed our Treasure X Lost Lands Skull Island adventure, and our junior reporters even began setting up puzzles and mini adventures using the set to test each other too!

RRP £39.99 | Age 5+| Smyths, Argos, Amazon, The Entertainer

Some fantastic offerings to keep everyone occupied and having a terrific time this Halloween. That’s what it is all about, enjoyment. Through enjoyment we can find the wonder around us and give ourselves a little boost! What do you have planned? Check out kids section for more ideas, or the Wellness & Self-care section for some wonderful me time! Let us know over on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter….if you dare!

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