Motivation can be an absolutely wonderful thing. When we have it the world is our oyster and we can achieve anything. When that motivation is lacking though, it can hard to find our way back to that feeling. Today we are taking a look at some of the ways you can help yourself get motivated and stay motivated.

Setting Goals Aids Motivation

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We have talked about goals before. They have so many benefits and really do help us in moving forward whilst feeling better about it. When it comes to motivation, having clear goals can be incredibly helpful.

Knowing what you want to achieve and when rewards that will reap can help keep you going, even when you lack that get up and go. Make yourself a chart with your goals and pop it where you can see it every day. This will remind you, even subconsciously, to keep pushing forward and work towards the goal.

Remember to give yourself rewards along the way and keep goals achievable. Have mini goals that lead to the end one. This will help your mindset and boost your confidence in being able to attain that desire.

Find Support

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Having people around you that want to achieve the same as you can be a great way to keep motivated. This can be a partner, friend, loved one or someone you meet at a group of like-minded individuals. Having that person who understands where you want to be can give you that encouragement you lack on days that are more challenging. Likewise, you will be able to offer that support to them.

Get into a Routine

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Routine can make everything much easier. Think about your housework, washing up before you go to bed, doing the washing on a saturday or perhaps taking the rubbish out before you go to work. Most of these form part of a routine that you have devised over time to make life easier. Whilst some of these things may be a chore, you probably do them without thinking.

This is a great way to boost that motivation when working towards anything. Work those goals or tasks into your routine. If you want to exercise more, have set days where you go to the gym or take a brisk walk. Maybe you are studying to change a career or progress in your current one. Study at regular times, on set days to help encourage you.

You can find lots of information throughout The Wonderment that can help with routines, self-care, goal setting and more.

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