Have you heard about the game The Ghost in the Attic? There is a huge mystery surrounding it and help is needed to not only solve it, but banish the ghost!

The Mystery Agency

The Mystery Agency have a problem. A game was released in the 1950’s but since then there have been a rash of random deaths, all occuring after the victim played The Ghost in the Attic. Now they need you to uncover what is happening, there is one copy of the game left in existence. Game 372. It just so happens that it’s come in to your possession.

Dare you play the game? Can you solve the mystery? Can you uncover the truth?


Before You Can Play

Arriving in a box that is unassuming, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is like any other game. One you might spend the evening playing with family or friends. A game that brings laughter, fun and happiness to your home. We all know the benefits of playing games, you can check out this article for more about them. But, does Ghost in the Attic hold the same benefits?

Indeed it does, but with a sinister twist. On opening the box you find the game itself is chained and padlocked. You need to solve a clue to find the combination of the lock. What does this mean? Is the game really all that dangerous that someone deemed it necessary to chain it up to prevent opening?

A QR code on the inside of the outer box holds the clue you need to progress on this ghastly journey. Solve it, get the combination and begin your journey into betrayal and death.


The Ghost in The Attic

Once in side the chained box, you need your wits about you. Either continue solving the mystery – the clues are all there, or try your hand at playing the game. If you dare!

The game is divided into two parts. Play them individually or solve the mystery alongside the he board game. It’s all inter-connected and everything can lead you to the answers you seek.

The board game is fantastic fun, suitable for four players take control of one of the characters and set off trying to recover you special items. You need to collect all three, one at a time and return them individually to your room.

Players beware. With every step you take, there is a chance that you will wake up Walter, the resident ghost. Doing this will hamper your chances at gathering your items and winning the game.


The Mystery of the Ghost

Solving this conundrum will take all of your smarts. You need to, (literally), think outside the box, as well as everywhere else. Using a combination of the game in its entirety and websites, the answer is out there.

This part of the game can be enjoyed but as many players as you wish, or indeed on your own. Whilst the game is suited to those older players of ages 14+, there is nothing stopping younger members of your group joining in.


Available from The Happy Puzzle Company for £46.99 You can find out more about The Happy Puzzle Company and their games on Instagram too!

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