Therapy & Where to Find it

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If you feel as if you are in crisis and need immediate help please call 111 and ask for help. If you, or someone you care for, is in immediate danger, call 999. Don’t wait, there is no shame is asking for help, it is the first step on the road to healing.

Everyone has moments where they feel lost, they know their mental health is not great, are in a situation they don’t know how to manage, or are just dealing with some really big emotions. Our therapy & where to find it section is here to give you a little helping hand to find the help you might need or want.

Whilst you can find lots of suggestions for improving your mental health and reconnecting with the wonder around you on The Wonderment, sometimes you need more than articles and self help.

We have listed a host of reputable organisations that have the ability to guide or advise you, regardless of the situation you are dealing with. We even have a few dedicated to children.

Whilst we would initially signpost you to speaking with someone close to you, your GP or as young person, a trusted adult, we know that is not always easy, and in some cases not possible.

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If you need urgent help and are in a mental health crisis you have options. Ring 999 if you have hurt yourself, don’t wait call for help.

If you are in crisis and are looking for where to get the right help in your area you can call 111 or click on the NHS link above to find a service close to you now.


This link will take you straight to their contact page, where there are a number of options available to speak with someone.

Women’s Aid

Taking you to their contact page again, this link is for women who are suffering or concerned someone else is suffering domestic abuse or violence.


To get help if you are in crisis Mind is another option for you. This link will take you to their Get Help Now page.


For children and young people, this link will take you to Childline’s support page where you can find resources and ways to contact them for support.


A 24 hour texting service for those in need of support for their mental health.

MQ Mental Health Research

mq mental health

MQ Mental Health Research is the only charity that exclusively invests into scientific research for different mental health conditions, treatments and preventions.

You can also e-mail us:

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Support After Abortion

Support After Abortion believes mental health rarely fits into a nice, neat box. Our mission is to help women and men find a safe space to explore how they feel after abortion experiences.

Suicide & Co

There are also lots of resources on our website for you to explore that can support different aspects of your grief journey (e.g. books and podcast recommendations).

Norfolk Clubhouse

Norfolk Clubhouse is a relatively new charitable social enterprise operating in the Norfolk area, founded in 2019 by psychotherapist and former Social Worker,  June Webb. A Clubhouse is a community that aims to support people whose lives have been severely disrupted because of mental difficulties.