The smell of something nice can have a massive impact on how we feel. Think about going into a bakery and smelling the fresh bread, or the scents of doughnuts freshly made, or fresh washing. It is comforting and can be nostalgic too.

There is a strong connection between scents and memory, as well as our mood. Today we are taking a look at the top five wintery scents that can have that impact and boost how you are feeling. Not to mention help get you in that festive frame of mind.


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The quintessential aroma associated with the festive period, pine represents so much for us. The smell of Christmas Trees is not the only benefit from Pine however. Pine has been known to help lower stress levels and even ease depression. This could be due to our strong primal connection with nature and the effect it can have on our thoughts and feelings.


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Orange is one of the more obvious choices for a wintery aroma at home. Bergamot oil comes from the Bergamot orange, it is a touch sweeter than standard orange and extremely beautiful. Using Bergamot have have a wonderful effect if you are suffering with anxiety. It is also know to help with depression too.

If you aren’t a fan of Bergamot the entire citrus family of aromas can be used.


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Vanilla is definitely reminiscent of baking cupcakes, especially when thinking about childhood. It can bring up lovely memories and the smell can fill you with comfort. Vanilla, possibly for this reason, is knowns for filling people with a sense of joy and helping them to feel more relaxed.


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This herb may not be something you was expecting on this list, but they can be fantastic aromatics. Rosemary is no different and has a wonderfully bright, fresh scent. When used as an oil, Rosemary has been reported to aid in boosting concentration, as well as memory.


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Geranium has a whole host of uses for body and mind. From helping to battle acne when used in skincare, to easing aching muscles if popped in the bath. It’s aroma is rose based, but with a more delicate bouquet that borders on sweet. It is gentle and warming meaning it can be incredible relaxing. Geranium has been known to aid in relieving stress and anxiety.

You can use any of these scents through essential oils, wax melts, room diffusers or even an air freshener and candles, to help lift your mood and get you on your way. Remember to always check contra-indications when using essential oils and never apply to the skin without carrier oils and research!

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