Thank you for stopping by and welcome to The Wonderment! What are we all about? We are a magazine that aims to promote positive mental health and self-care in all areas of life using the wonder around us, be it looking after your skin, feeling happier or even when it comes to the children.

I am training to be a counsellor, as are most of the team, not only have I got an interest in mental health, but have and continue to battle it. We do not claim to have the answers and my team and I aren’t here to give advice or guidance on specific issues, but what we do have is a wealth of experience, backed up by some knowledge, knowledge that is continually evolving and being added to.

So, who are we? Well, we’ve made a decision here that it really isn’t that important, besides a few snippets, you won’t learn a whole lot about us, because The Wonderment is about promoting positive wellbeing and mental health, not promoting us.

With all that said, let’s show you around!

the wonderment
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About Us – here you will find a page with a little bit of information about us and our background, as well as how to contact us and where to go should you need help with your mental health.

Lifestyle – Pop into this section if you want to find out about promoting better mental health using your environment. This will be anything from organising your bedroom, to home décor, gardening, activities and much, much more.

Wellness – This area is dedicated to all things that relate to your feeling of wellness. We will be looking at things such as a good healthy, but delicious diet, cooking, exercise, meditation, and looking after your mind in a multitude of ways.

Self-Care – When it comes to your mental health, it’s true what they say, that looking after yourself is an invaluable help. Here we will focus on that, looking after your skin, having hair you love, having the confidence to dress the way you want, etc…

Children – Pretty self explanatory, but this section will focus on the little folks among us, their mental health is just as important, so we decided to give them their own section. After all, if you’re a parent you’ll understand, if your child feels good, then life is much better and your mental health in turn will be that little bit brighter. Here we will look into everything that can help your little one have good mental health.

Signposting – Finally and possibly the most important part of The Wonderment is the signposting area. Here we will have a list of organisations that you can contact should you feel your mental health is in need of some assistance. As mentioned earlier, we can’t give you advice, but we can help point you in the right direction.

Of course there is much more to The Wonderment than just the above and we hope that you are just as excited to see it all, as we are to share. If you would like to contact us please feel free to check out the About Us page for our contact information, or reach out on social media, we’d love to hear from you.

For now thank you and see you soon!

About Author

Erika is bright, bubbly and friendly. Studying to be a counsellor, she is committed to helping others in the pursuit of better mental health. Having suffered from mental health issues herself including severe anxiety and PTSD, she wants to show others that the light at the end of the tunnel is not just a cliché!
Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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