It is inevitable that things go wrong over the Christmas period. It doesn’t matter how hard we try. Sometimes this feels like the end of the world, when all we want is for everything to be perfect. So, what do we do when things do go wrong? We need to make the most of it!

How We React When Things Go Wrong

things go wrong
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How we react will hold a lot of weight for what happens next when things go wrong. If we get upset, angry or let it affect our mood, it change change everything. The people around us will feel and see that, negativity can be as infectious and positivity.

If we forget the batteries (reminder to go buy them), or drop the turkey, the kids need to see how we make the most of it. They learn from us and our behaviour, so if you start to shout or get upset, they learn that is how they should react when things go wrong.

This is not to say you shouldn’t feel like that inside, we all do. Working hard to make the day or whole period jolly and exciting is hard work. When we feel that has gone down the pan, it can be heart breaking. So we need to put the ‘ho, ho, ho’ back into our day!

Mistakes Make For…

things go wrong
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There are ways to help turn those mistakes around. If you forget to buy the batteries for those toys (second reminder to buys them), then you turn it into an adventure. “Oh no I forgot the batteries, you know what that means? Tomorrow is adventure shop time” It’s simple, but may help. It becomes a game, an adventure to look forward to. Give each member of the family a task at the shop. Batteries, a bar of chocolate with a gold wrapper, a drink with a crab on the carton/bottle, things like that.

If you drop the turkey then one way to manage it is to first laugh. Everyone will join in, which wont feel great, but they wont see you upset. Then challenge the kids, “Turkey Down!! Right, emergency time! You check the freezer, you the fridge, what have we got?” You could shove anything in the oven, if you have time make a pie with the kids or go meatless altogether. This will be a funny story in years to come, the Christmas you had chicken nuggets instead of turkey.

Christmas Mishap Bingo

things go wrong

One of our new favourite ways to cope with all the things that can, and do, go wrong is Haribo’s Christmas Mishap Bingo. This ingenious idea is just what every house needs over Christmas. We don’t want things to go wrong, but when they do get rewarded instead of stressed.

It works kind of like an Advent Calendar. Pop it where everyone can see it and wait. When the fairy lights get tangled, open the corresponding door and get a lovely Haribo treat. Run out of wrapping paper or break a bauble? Treat time. In fact, according to Haribo 38% of us will endure one to three mishaps over Christmas and it all begins that week leading up to the big day. The three I just mentioned take the top spots for most common mishaps experienced too! So, you aren’t alone.

Memories When Things Go Wrong

things go wrong
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We agree with Haribo, that when it comes to mistakes and things going wrong, we should look at the issue just like a kid. Turn them into memories or stories to share that are funny and happy! I couldn’t find an image to work well here, so I decided to take my own advice and now we have cute Christmas puppies!

All of our favourite Christmas memories come from when there was laughter and joy. One year we had a power cut and opened presents by torch light. I am certain, whilst we never had a clue, our parents were so stressed thinking about no Christmas Dinner. We had so much fun though, as kids we saw none of the worry.

When things go wrong it is the perfect opportunity to turn it into something special to remember. Christmas Mishap Bingo will certainly help you on your way to that. Don’t put that pressure on yourself to make things perfect, the kids wouldn’t care if you had chicken nuggets for dinner, or colour coordinated table decorations. They’ll remember the laughter and fun you share, the time you spend together and the love they feel.

If you head over to and share your best Christmas mishap story. If it makes the cut, HARIBO will send you a free HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo box. Boxes are limited edition – so when they’re gone, they’re gone. The nation has spoken. Because, when mishaps happen, hand them HARIBO. 

You will be able to find lots of ways to help you stay positive on The Wonderment throughout December. Don’t forget to join the conversation over on social media too. You can find us on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and Twitter.

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