We’ve spoken a few times to Nicola from Essex House Dolly about how a tidy home creates a tidy mind. Having a clear out can have tremendous effects on your mental health. Today we are looking at how to approach this and giving you some more chance to enter our fabulous competition. The prize we are adding today is a consultation with Nicola herself!

Why Having a Clear Out is Good for You

Our environment plays a huge part in how we feel. If we have a lot of clutter or things are untidy, it can be harder to focus. We can suffer a loss on motivation and concentration as well as feeling frustrated and at times lost.

When our mental health is low this is compounded. Things become harder to do and we just don’t feel like doing them. It’s a vicious cycle that can pull us down and make us feel much worse. This is why self-care is paramount to our daily lives. Part of that is keeping our surroundings comfortable and tidy.

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How to Approach A Clear Out

As with anything, having a clear out is achievable, but you need to approach it in a way that will help you. You have to ensure you aren’t adding extra stress and pressure on yourself. The first thing to do is make a list. What do you want to do exactly? Have a general clear out? Declutter? or perhaps get more organised?

Once you have that question answered, you are more able to tackle the job at hand. If you are going to sort the entire home out, or just one room, it’s worth think about the following. How could you break that job down into more manageable tasks? How can you make the challenge of sorting easier on yourself?

You can download a Task Management Page from our Free Resources section to help organise your thoughts around this. It comes from The Wonder Planner which is available on Amazon!

If you are struggling with this, todays prize that we’re adding to the bundle will help you!

Ready to Sort

Once you have a plan in place it’s time to start sorting and clearing. At first it seems daunting, but stick to your plan. Small, achievable tasks. Spread that’s task out over a few days or week if you have a big job on your hand.

Above all remember to be kind to yourself. Also remember that once this is done, you will feel pretty amazing. Able to sit back and see the result of your hard work.

Win Prizes worth £1800 including a Consultation with Nicola

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Today’s prize that we are adding to the bundle is fantastic. Nicola, as Essex House Dolly is giving you the chance to have a 45 minute consultation with her. This can be over FaceTime or Zoom. During this consultation Nicola will help you with either a Decluttering challenge you are facing, or talk to you about your interior.

If you are our winner, you will get a voucher in your prize bundle that explains how to contact Nicola to redeem your prize worth £150! She will need images of your room before the consultation begins.

Don’t forget to check out the other articles in the giveaway for more entries, in our competitions section. All information is available in the initial article and each one gives you more chance to win these amazing prizes, so come back every day!

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