Our skin is incredibly important. It is the biggest organ of our bodies and needs to be cared for, just the same as the others. However, at times it is easy to forget to look after it and as we’ve explore in our Buildable Skincare Routine, it can be tough knowing what products to pick!

Today we have an absolute treat for you, and us. Skincare that is not only absolutely gorgeous, but products that are made fresh, just for you!

How Skincare Affects Our Mood

You might not think that looking after your skin has much affect when it comes to your mood. However, you’d be wrong!

When we feel we look good, it is reflected in our demeanour and our mood. Think about the times that you’ve gotten dressed up to go out, or perhaps looked in the mirror and thought, wow my complexion looks amazing. Your whole attitude reflects that.

Skincare can have a tremendous effect on us. At first, if not used to it, it can take a little time to see the results. Both on the skin and with how you feel. It does happen though. Self-care is vital to how we feel and behave.

Skincare can be an important part of self-care. The act of performing a routine both morning and night can be mindful in itself. You are taking time from your busy routine for you. This in turn can help reduce stress and anxiety, allow you time to process and manage feelings, as well as leave you with beautiful skin.



Based in Austria and setting the trend in skincare in Europe, RINGANA is ahead of the curve. Not only are their products incredible, they are made to order using fresh ingredients. As you know, we adore fresh, vibrant ingredients that are not only great for the skin, but make us feel wonderful. Not only that, but fresh ingredients in skincare always seems to feel better on the skin, just like when we make our Home Skincare Remedies!

Aside from that, RINGANA are big believers in sustainability and being eco friendly. Another boost to how we feel, knowing we are helping the environment! They use recycled packaging that is biodegradable, as well as accept returns on glass bottles for recycling. All ingredients used are organic and fresh. They work to save energy, water and reduce their carbon footprint. They even have programs for their employees, looking after their body and mind!

Products for Your Skin, All in One Place

We are in love with RINGANA products and think your will be too, (shhh don’t say anything, but you can win as part of WTMH? some)!

We wanted to give some of their items a try and thought what better way than a Travel Set? It comes with no less than 12 products, perfect for taking on weekends away or holiday. That’s 12 products all freshly made and curated for your skin type. Plus you get a lovely branded travel bag to keep them all in.

Let’s tell you a bit about what’s included.
  • body milk leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. It instantly feels nourishing and you can feel the richness of the milk being absorbed into the skin.
  • tooth oil surprisingly is one of our favourite items. A toothpaste substitute, this oil is fantastic. Your teeth and indeed mouth is left with an overwhelming clean and fresh sensation.
  • deodorant is something we were uncertain of, it doesn’t usually come in an eco friendly foil pouch! However, it works and has a pleasant scent.
  • anti wrinkle serum has a delightful scent and is extremely refreshing on the skin. Cooling and soothing when applied, you can also feel your skin tightening.
  • cream rich is another favourite of ours. It’s quite unassuming, the cream seemed more of a slightly thickened milk, but as you rub it into your skin you feel the richness and indeed thickness of the product. The intense moisturisation is undeniable, leaving the skin feeling nourished and loved!
  • foot balm smells divine. A subtle yet inhale inducing scent is just the beginning. It leaves the feet feeling fresh, rejuvenated and nourished.
  • hand balm is another incredible addition to this set. We are rather particular about hand products but this feels divine, leaving the hands moisturised and silky smooth.
  • cleanser is brilliant too. It has a tough job to do after a long, hectic day, but the cleanser gets it done gently.
  • tonic calm is soothing and the perfect follow up to the cleanser. It refreshes the skin and does calm irritations.
  • body wash leaves your skin refreshed, cleansed and all without drying it out.
  • shampoo gives a lovely shine to the hair and leaves a delicate scent.
  • stay fresh was another surprise. This is a foam you put on toilet paper. It acts as a gentle cleanser that again is refreshing!
  • Travel Bag elegant, sleek and sturdy.

Competition Time

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All in all this Travel Set is absolutely amazing and is just the ticket for giving your skin, and your mood a boost! We therefore have the opportunity for you to win one of these sets as part of our WTMH? huge prize bundle. A fantastic addition, the Travel Sets are available from RINGANA starting at £58.20, made fresh to order and delivered to your door from Austria. It takes around two weeks from order to delivery.

You will get a voucher in your prize bundle if you win, with details on how to claim your prize.

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Remember you need to have entered on all of the WTMH? articles to be eligible to win the prize bundle worth over £1800, so make sure you check each one out!! Good luck!

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