Woohoo, we are back with the next part in our What The Mental Health? Series. Yes, it’s time to kick back and relax with a pamper night. Everyone is invited, as pamper nights are the ultimate in self-care. Another instalment in this collection of fabulous articles means we’re adding to the prize bundle again today. With prizes worth over £1800 is a competition not to be missed. We launched this series and competition to celebrate our new podcast. You can find WTMH? What The Mental Health on Apple Podcasts and the first episode ‘Introductions’ is live right now!

What is a Pamper Night

Put simply, a pamper night is an evening of indugence. A night where you can relax and take out time from your busy life just for you.

It can mean many things to many people. Perhaps your idea of a pamper night is taking a bubble bath with candles lit, whilst reading a good book. Maybe you are more of a paint your nails person. Or, if you are like us it all about the masks!

We adore a face, hair, foot or hand mask couples with some cucumber slices for the eyes and a comfy place to just chill out listening to music. We recently received a Pamper Hamper from 7th Heaven which was perfect for our pamper night, so we will offer up our favourites from it as we go!

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Ultimate Self-Care & Pure Indulgence

If we have a pamper night, then iot is phones off, relaxing music on, suitable beverages and snacks. For snacks we would recommend a box of lovely chocs. Making sure that we are in comfy clothes (bath robes can be tricky as they are so bulky) is a must. All of this adds to the atmosphere of your evening.

You don’t have to listen to music, you could watch a film or binge watch some TV. It’s all about taking that time out from your busy schedule, the stresses of life, to have a few minutes that are purely for you. This is the ultimate in self care!

It is no secret at The Wonderment, that I personally love cucumber, I like eating it and the smell just soothes my soul. So, having a self-care pamper night for me, nearly always includes some cucumber face masks. &th Heaven have a fabulous Cucumber Peel-Off Mask that does just the trick. It’s great as a cleanser, removing ‘dirt & grime’, it’s also nourishing so leaves you with a wonderfully smooth and fresh feeling.

Share a Pamper Night with a Friend

Our second reason for having a pamper night, as if you needed any more, is you don’t have to be alone. Invite over your bestie, get your kids or partner involved. This activity is for everyone and can be a alot of fun.

Of course, if what you need for a little self-care, is some alone time, then ban everyone from upstairs, cordon off the bathroom, chucke everyone out of the house. Make that time for you.

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Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

One of the things we most love about an indulgent pamper night, is the price. Compared to a night out, a meal or trip to the cinema, pamper nights can be relatively inexpensive.

A great example is the Pamper Hamper from 7th Heaven. In it you get 9 face masks, 1 hair mask and a scrunchie, all for just £14.99! It all comes in a lovely felt carry case too. This makes not only finding the masks easy, but affordable.

Of course, you can pick up any skincare product from any beauty shop and use that. Some are as cheap as £1, others can go into the tens, it’s what you want for your night that matters.

The Feel Good Factor

The biggest and most important benefit to an evening of relaxation, laughter, great skincare and a few chocies, is the feel good factor. You can’t beat it. It will boost your mood possibly for days. Great feeling skin, time away from stress and worries, not to mention fantastic feeling and looking skin, is a recipe for smiles.

Pamper At Home

Apart from getting all of your elements for you pamper evening, you can do this at home. No fancy hotel or spa, just the comfort of your bedroom! You could even order all the bits, so you don’t even need to shop!

Into the Prize Bundle goes…

Along with our other prizes, which you can find more about if you search WTMH? or check our competitions page, we are adding the Pamper Hamper from 7th Heaven. All together the prizes total over £1800 and each article in the series offers opportunities to enter this amazing competition.

The Pamper Hamper from 7th Heaven would be perfect for a pamper night of your own and here is how to win…

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Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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