We are chatting with Katie from KG Salon today about all things self-care and mental health. Katie is sharing your story with us, as well as talking about how she is trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Being part of our wonderful What The Mental Health? series, we also have a fantastic prize to add to our huge prize bundle worth over £1800!

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone, My name is Katie Godfrey. I’m the founder of the KG brand which consists of a beauty salon, training academy, product range, business coaching and I’m a podcaster.

Tell us a little about your salon and where you are based.

My salon is based in a village called Barton Le Clay in Bedfordshire. We have been going for 14 years and we do all things beauty from nails, waxing, lashes and tanning.

You’ve had quite the mental health journey from when you were 13 years old up until now.  Would you be happy to share this with our readers.

Of course. I was bullied in school and left school at 13 years old without any qualifications. It was a massive struggle during this time and I tried to take my life a couple of times. If it wasn’t for my mum I wouldn’t be here. In my adult life I suffer with anxiety which I believe stems from when I was younger being bullied.

How did you overcome the struggles and indeed the mental health impacts of your experiences?

My mum being my biggest supporter and helping me mentally daily. She is a trained counsellor too. Even though I suffer with my mental health, my mind is very strong and focused. I always wanted to become something and loved working. Working has also kept me focused and made me a stronger person. Listening to podcasts, reading books and exercising help me lots too.

Your salon is unique, in that you offer quiet time slots for clients. This is a fantastic way to offer self-care to them. Can you tell us more about that please?

Yes, we started this over Covid. Within a salon experience, therapists and hairdressers are very chatty. But we realise not everyone wants to chat. Some people just want a chilled experience with no small talk. Others might be going through something, and they just want some alone time. We put this in place and it’s been very popular.

You also help the community in many ways, one of which being your masterclasses.  Why did you start these and what can people expect from them?

We do lots for the community including a lot of charity work. Me and my team love being involved in this. Then I personally offer masterclasses for women in business to help and support them.

Why is it important to you to not just provide your service, but also look after the wellbeing of your clients? Helping them to gain more opportunities for self-care?

Getting your nails or your lashes done is so much more than that. Its time out for that client. It’s a feel-good factor. Building confidence in people. Also, clients are back every 2-3 weeks, so we become very close to them. We will notice if they are going through something or if something isn’t quite right. I think it’s very important to bare in mind the wellbeing of clients as a whole package of what we do.

You even design your own products!  You kindly sent through your Lash Serum for us to try and we were pleasantly surprised with the way that it worked.  Minimal effort, just apply the serum during your skincare routine and then wait.  It took a few weeks to see the results, but it really does work.  How did you come up with the idea for this?

I have had my own lash range for around 12 years now. Having always wanted a lash and brow serum, I worked hard to find the formular that I love and works. I wanted something that would help someone’s brows or lashes grow. In turn that helps with their confidence.

What do you find is the best bit about having your salon?

Defiantly the happy clients. Helping people feel confident and happy within themselves.

If you could provide one service that benefited people’s wellbeing and maximised self-care, that you don’t already, what would it be and why?

I would love the salon to offer pregnancy massage to help those that are becoming mummy’s relax and help their bodys.

Do you have a favourite product or self-care service?

Lashes are my favourite treatment for sure and it’s the one treatment I cant live without. My favourite product is the KG Professional lash and brow serum.

The Wonder Collection

The Wonder Self-Care Journal! We believe self-care is vital to great mental health.  What is your go to self-care activity and why?

My self care is defiantly working out in the morning and going for a walk. I also love listening to podcasts and reading books.

The Wonder Mix Tape! What song/artist do you find uplifting and listening to it/them boosts your mood?

Oh you can’t beat Beyonce!!

The Wonder Bookshelf! Can you recommend a book to our readers.  Fiction, non-fiction, feel good or advice giving.  Why did you choose this book?

I love all business books or anything that I can learn and improve from. One of my favorite books is  Think and grow rich.

It was lovely to speak with Katie and find out more about her and the fantastic work she is doing alongside her salon. You can find out more about Katie and the salon on her website!

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Erika enjoys spending time with her little one, friends and family, crafting, reading, writing, music gaming, cooking, creating art, cacti and llamas.

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